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Brunswick police seek ATM skimmers

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PHOTO PROVIDED Suspects in an ATM skimming scam walk toward Kmart parking lot after leaving the GetGo.


BRUNSWICK — The Brunswick Police Department is searching for two men police believe are connected to a skimming device found on a Huntington National Bank ATM at GetGo on Center Road.

Brunswick police Detective Sarah Merhaut said the skimmer was placed on the machine Sept. 5.

“The two males walked into the GetGo at about 10:30 in the morning and the video surveillance from within kind of shows them walking around and standing by the ATM machine and then leaving and walking over toward Kmart,” Merhaut said.

There is no information available on the vehicle the suspects used; they were not parked in the GetGo parking lot. Police are obtaining additional security footage, Merhaut said.

According to a Facebook post from Merhaut, Huntington National Bank is providing a $2,000 reward for any information leading to the identification and conviction of the suspects.

According the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, criminals use skimmers to steal credit card or debit card information from unsuspecting cardholders. The skimmers are often hidden on ATM and gas pump card readers and allow identity thieves to steal card information.

Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of a credit card skimmer:

  • Check for fake overlays, which are devices that identity thieves place over existing ATM/gas pump card readers. Most fake overlays are secured by tape. Try wiggling or pulling on the reader before inserting your card. If the device comes off, it is most likely a skimmer overlay.
  • Check for damage or foreign objects inside the card reader.
  • Check for a gas pump security seal. Some gas stations place stickers on gas pumps that will turn void if the inside of the gas pump has been tampered with.
  • Use a credit card instead of a debit card. If you must use a debit card, run the transaction as credit, if possible.
  • If a PIN code is required to complete the transaction, cover up the pin pad with your free hand. Thieves sometimes place small cameras in card readers to obtain PIN code information.
  • Pay inside at the cashier instead of paying at the pump.
  • Monitor your credit card and back accounts regularly.
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