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'Christmas Vacation' RV vandalized, owner ‘thankful’ damage not worse


Medina police say Cousin Eddie’s RV from the classic movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” was vandalized.

Not that you could really notice.

“Even though you might look at it and go, ‘Well its whole entire concept is to be a crappy motor home,’ that doesn’t mean you want the taillights busted out and the antenna ripped off,” said Mark Klaus, owner of Castle Noel, a museum dedicated to Hollywood films.

According to a police report, a ladder was taken off the back of the vehicle, a taillight was smashed, an antenna was broken and a side panel was removed last week.

Klaus, of Hinckley Township, said the RV, a 1973 Ford Condor II, is rare and it will be hard to locate replacement parts.

“In its day, these were the Ritz,” Klaus said.

“We are kind of surprised that it happened,” he said. “We would like to see whoever did it come forward, admit they did it and help me find the taillight they broke off.

“Or help me put up a fence so that it doesn’t happen again.”

Klaus said he immediately bought security cameras for the area around the RV and he plans to erect a fence to prevent further vandalism.

Klaus said the vandalism “is not a reflection on our town.”

“If they came forward, I would want them to make it right,” he said. “I love this town and this stuff means something.

“I am thankful that it is not worse.”

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