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Man charged after explosive sounds rattle Medina neighborhood


MEDINA — A 36-year-old Lafayette Township man is facing a charge of inducing panic for blowing up explosive devices Sunday in the 7600 block of Westfield Road, according to Medina police.

The department said it received multiple calls about what sounded like bombs exploding about 5 p.m. in the area of Westfield Road. Residents also flagged down responding officers to ask about the noise.

Officers arrived to find Michael Norton speaking to a Medina County sheriff’s deputy.

Police said Norton told them that he used a .30-06 rifle to shoot off 2 pounds of Tannerite about 300 yards away on his 70 acres of land and then another 4 pounds of the exploding rifle targets.

According to its website, when Tannerite is shot with a high-power rifle, it produces a water vapor and thunderous boom resembling an explosion.

Some neighbors said the explosions shook things in their homes and caused some items to be knocked off the walls. One man said his blood pressure went up.

Police said Norton would be charged with the first-degree misdemeanor because of the number of calls police received. Norton’s arraignment will be at 8:30 a.m. today in Medina Municipal Court.

He doesn’t have any prior arrests; he has two traffic violations.

Police said they asked Norton not to use Tannerite in the future, and that he agreed.

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