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Eli Fragnoli has hand in three wins as Highland takes Triway title


WOOSTER TWP. — The past couple of weeks haven’t been easy for Highland’s Eli Fragnoli, but you wouldn’t know it watching him Saturday at the Triway Invitational.

The senior cruised to victories in the 110- and 300-meter hurdles and helped the 4x400 relay to a win as the Hornets came from behind to capture the team title over Shelby.

Fragnoli showed no signs of a strained hamstring, clocking a personal record in the 300 hurdles and leading the 4x4 to a season best as Highland compiled 105 points to outlast the Whippets (91).

“I haven’t been training like I want,” he said. “It was just good to be back and run that race like that.”

That was great news for the Hornets but not so great for the 15-team field at Triway.

The All-Gazette selection followed the 110 hurdles win (14.84) over Tallmadge’s Lucca Passarelli (14.94) with a convincing 300s victory by almost two seconds over his Suburban League American Conference rival in a career-low 39.42.

“I felt healthy enough, but the thing that changed my race was that I switched my right foot forward in the blocks instead of my left,” said Fragnoli, who also ran on the runner-up 4x1. “All of my steps were one stride, so I was going over the hurdles with my lead leg instead of my trail. It was a great race overall.”

Fragnoli wasn’t done, however, as he teamed with Greg McKee, Vince Manning and Jacob Tecco to post an impressive 3:30.92 in the 4x4. This followed Avery Finding and Max McAdams taking third and fourth in the 3,200, helping the Hornets go from second to taking the trophy.

“I was surprised, actually,” Highland coach Josh Victor said. “Our legs are tired and we pulled some people out of some races, but we loaded the 4x4 and 4x1 to see what we could do and did well. They’re really working hard.”

That 4x1 of Fragnoli, Grant Gossom, Caleb Henkl and Owen Fisher picked up key points despite losing its race to Shelby by just 0.02 seconds.

Finding, Manning, Teddy Van Fossen and John Naizer posted a first-place 8:11.67 in the 4x8, while McKee (400) placed second and Naizer (800) and Tecco (200) closed the meet with thirds.

Cloverleaf was seventh, while Buckeye was ninth. Both teams fielded a champion, as Max Gucker won the 3,200 and Logan Steppenbacker the pole vault.

Gucker put together an impressive finish, taking the lead midway through and creating separation that Woodridge’s Ryan Champa couldn’t recover from en route to a personal-record 9:53.91.

“I knew I had to be under five (minutes) at the mile, and I knew the guys behind me had a good finish, so I just tried to push it that second mile and create a gap,” said Gucker, who has posted career-low times in back-to-back meets. “I thought they would get up on me after that. I really didn’t know where they were.”

The Colts also got thirds from Thomas Lormeau in the 400 and the 4x4 of Lormeau, Blake Wilson, Frank Stepp and Nick Bailey.

Steppenbacker put together a good day despite inclement conditions and jumping on a new pole after his brother Ryan Steppenbacker, who finished fifth, broke the one he was using.

The senior, who was a regional qualifier and district champ last season, recovered nicely. Steppenbacker and Northwestern’s Alec Praisler matched at 12 feet, 6 inches before the Buckeye standout cleared 12-9 on a jump-off.

“I had to really focus on making sure that I was good on all my form,” Steppenbacker said. “Because of the wet, cold weather, I didn’t have much room for mistake. I also had to go up to a bigger pole, because my brother broke the pole that we were both using on a jump before.”

Anthony Watkins locked up fourth in the long jump (19-1) for the Bucks.

Like the boys meet, Highland’s girls posted an impressive victory with 103 points to finish ahead of Orrville (87).

Senior Kaylie Keene put together another strong performance, leading the 4x8 with Madelynn Madison, Marley Wylie and Amanda Orban to a win in 9:50.10 before a convincing first-place 10:50.75 in the 3,200. Less that 24 hours earlier, Kenne finished runner-up at the Eastern Relays in Louisville, Ky.

Andrea Filote clocked 15.74 to take the 100 hurdles, while Ava Mastrianni (high jump), Madison (1,600) and Maddie Miller (300 hurdles) turned in seconds.

“This was one of the hardest races I’ve had, and having a high competition helps you go faster,” Filote said. “I think my blocks were good. If you get a really good push from the blocks, it helps you go faster and powers you through. Then you three-step and it’s a really easy run.”

While the Hornets turned in a host season bests, including Miller’s 48.61 in the 300s and her fourth-place 4-10 in the high jump, veteran coach Paul Lushes knows there’s a lot left to accomplish.

“We’re working on it. We always have to work on it,” he said. “That’s the key for us, over the years, is having a full team like this and having some depth. We’re OK right now, but we have some tough ones coming up.”

Cloverleaf’s Maddie Boltz took second in the long jump (15-10ᄑ), while Tommie Kurtz had a third-place 2:27.27 in the 800.

Madisyn Meers had the top finish for Buckeye, placing third in the pole vault (9-6).

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WOOSTER TWP. — Results Saturday from the 52nd Triway Invitational held at Triway High School. Winner in each event listed, along with Medina County relays and placers in the top 10.


Team standings:1. Highland 105, 2. Selby 91, 3. Tallmadge 78, 4. West Holmes 71, 5. Woodridge 53, 6. Triway 52, 7. Cloverleaf 45, 8. Dalton 30, 9. Buckeye 27, 10. Smithville 26, 11. Norwayne 25, T-12. Fredericktown, Waynedale 17, 14. Northwestern 16, 15. Rittman 9.

Individual results

Shot put: 1. Tyler Matter (Wa) 50-9ᄑ. Discus: 1. David Massaro (Sm) 149-3, 5. Owen Wendl (H) 137-4. High jump: 1. Uriah Schwemley (Sh) 6-4, 6. Max Goettler (H) 5-8. Long jump: 1. Nick Hussing (T) 19-11ᄑ, 4. Anthony Watkins (Bu) 19-1. Pole vault: 1. Logan Steppenbacker (Bu) 12-9, 5. Ryan Steppenbacker (Bu) 12-0. 4x800: 1. Highland (Teddy Van Fossen, Avery Finding, John Naizer, Vince Manning) 8:11.67, 4. Cloverleaf (Nick Bailey, Frank Stepp, Alex Derhammer, Brycen Holliday) 8:30.85, 10. Buckeye (Jacob Stahl, Jonathan Stahl, Caleb Gerdeman, Mason Kabat) 8:58.61. 110 hurdles: 1. Eli Fragnoli (H) 14.84, 5. Goettler (H) 15.66, Nathan Skalsky (Bu) DQ. 100: 1. Nick Hussing (T) 11.45, 6. Michael Williams (C) 11.98, 7. Brandon Yu (H) 11.99. 4x200: 1. West Holmes 1:32.89, 8. Highland (Greg McKee, Tyler Madison, Rian Klein, Christian Heini) 1:37.89, 11. Cloverleaf (Austin Ebaugh, Jake Arnold, Cade Cass, Luke Yuravak) 1:40.86, 12. Buckeye (Josh Duplaga, Jacob Canedy, Brooks Taylor, Reagan Davis) 1:41.04. 1,600: 1. Samuel Logan (Sh) 4:29.57, 4. Manning (H) 4:35.75, 6. Naizer (H) 4:38.14. 4x100: 1. Shelby 45.14, 2. Highland (Goettler, Grant Gossom, Caleb Henkel, Owen Fisher) 45.16, 5. Cloverleaf (John Manzuk, Williams, Stepp, Blake Wilson) 46.11, 7. Buckeye (Skalsky, Davis, L. Steppenbacker, Watkins) 46.82. 400: 1. Travett (WH) 52.58, 2. McKee (H) 53.21, 3. Thomas Lormeau (C) 53.46, 5. Madison (H) 54.10, 9. Watkins (Bu) 54.84. 300 hurdles: 1. Fragnoli (H) 39.42, 6. Skalsky (Bu) 42.47, 10. Christian Heini (H) 45.37. 800: 1. Blake Lucius (Sh) 1:57.72, 3. Naizer (H) 2:04.18, 4. Bailey (C) 2:04.51, 6. Ja. Stahl (Bu) 2:06.15, 8. Holliday (C) 2:06.27. 200: 1. Brady Taylor (WH) 23.17, 3. Jacob Tecco (H) 23.47, 4. Blake Wilson (C) 23.68. 3,200: 1. Max Gucker (C) 9:53.91, 3. Finding (H) 10:05.38, 4. Max McAdams (H) 10:08.95. 4x400: 1. Highland (Fragnoli, McKee, Manning, Tecco) 3:30.92, 3. Cloverleaf (Wilson, Stepp, Lormeau, Bailey) 3:34.70, 12. Buckeye (Michael Gorris, Levi Frederick, Davis, Ja. Stahl) 3:49.24.


Team standings: 1. Highland 103, 2. Orrville 87, 3. Norwayne 73, 4. Woodridge 65ᄑ, 5. Tallmadge 62, 6. Rittman 60, 7. Smithville 47, 8. Shelby 42, 9. West Holmes 29, 10. Fredericktown 21, 11. Buckeye 17ᄑ, 12. Cloverleaf 16, 13. Northwestern 14, T-14. Dalton, Triway 10, 16. Waynedale 6.

Individual results

Shot put: 1. Mikaila Carpenter (O) 38-6ᄑ, 7. Jordan Waddell (H) 32-11. Discus: 1. Bailey Walter (Sh) 114-0, 5. Ellen Fuller (H) 97-11, 8. Waddell (H) 94-6. High jump: 1. Lexi Muntin (Sm) 5-0, 2. Ava Mastrianni (H) 5-0, 4. Madison Miller (H) 4-10. Long jump: 1. Kaylin Martin (WH) 16-9, 2. Maddie Boltz (C) 15-10ᄑ. Pole vault: 1. Karlie Lax (O) 11-0, 3. Madisyn Meers (Bu) 9-6, T-6. Julia Fike (Bu) 8-0, 8. Nicole Sherman (H) 8-0. 4x800: 1. Highland (Kaylie Kenne, Madelynn Madison, Marley Wylie, Amanda Orban) 9:50.10, 9. Cloverleaf (Paige Munchick, Tommie Kurtz, Sophia Spencer, Bailey Freeland) 10:37.49, 10. Buckeye (Brooke Franz, Faith Krakowski, Morgan Sejka, Maddie Roschival) 10:37.53. 100 hurdles: 1. Andrea Filote (H) 15.74, 5. Brooke Stuart (H) 17.40. 100: 1. Jasmine Beery (Sm) 12.98, 4. Mackenzie Haneberg (H) 13.39, 7. Maria Vitko (H) 13.61. 4x200: 1. Norwayne 1:49.24, 2. Highland (Lauren Choban, Haneberg, Vitko, Marley Wylie) 1:50.11, 9. Cloverleaf (Nyah Hansen, Liberty Ridenour, Elanna Lear, Cydnei Miller) 2:02.34. 1,600: 1. Libby Howard (W) 5:26.10, 2. Madison (H) 5:28.82, 6. Roschival (Bu) 5:46.81, 10. Jenna Oliver (C) 5:52.19. 4x100: 1. Rittman 51.45, 4. Highland (Choban, Haneberg, Vitko, Filote) 52.90, 7. Buckeye (Natalie Huber, Lexi Kondrich, Sydney Bell, Abbey Weyls) 54.83, 10. Cloverleaf (Hansen, Natalie Bailey, Corina Cass, Ridenour) 57.23. 400: 1. Briana Busic (R) 1:00.91, 4. Orban (H) 1:01.98. 300 hurdles: 1. Daysia Hargrave (O) 48.15, 2. Miller (H) 48.61, 7. Stuart (H) 51.41. 800: 1. Izzy Best (W) 2:18.61, 3. Kurtz (C) 2:27.27, 6. Franz (Bu) 2:37.75, 8. Elizabeth Origlio (H) 2:38.97. 200: 1. Busic (R) 26.88. 3,200: 1. Kenne (H) 10:50.75, 10. Emma Cox (H) 12:49.07. 4x400: 1. Norwayne 4:12.47, 5. Highland (Stuart, Wylie, Miller, Orban) 4:21.43, 7. Cloverleaf (Kurtz, Boltz, Nagel, Freeland) 4:25.88, 8. Buckeye (Bell, Franz, Huber, Roschival) 4:29.78.

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