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Fields of confidence: Brunswick sophomore named outstanding wrestler at Bill Dies Tournament

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    Brunswick's Derek Fields controls Rootstown's Niko Chilson on his way to a 8-2 victory during a 138lb. semifinal match at the Bill Dies Memorial tournament.


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    Brunswick's Logan Heil controls Copley's Canyon Wells on his way to a 16-1 victory during a 126lb. semifinal match at the Bill Dies Memorial tournament.



AKRON - Derek Fields, national power.

Those words took a big step toward legitimacy Saturday when the 138-pound sophomore won the 32nd annual Bill Dies Memorial Tournament.

The state qualifier wrote another chapter Saturday in what has already been a nice story for Brunswick when he was named the tournament's outstanding wrestler.

That was hard to ignore after the Fargo All-American wiped Rootstown two-time state placer Niko Chilson in the semifinals and knocked out Brecksville two-time state placer Marco Regalbuto.

"Beating the kids that are top-ranked just shows me I could beat anybody I want if I really put my mind to it," Fields said. "It shows me I can place high at state and achieve my goals. I might look back on this and see that I started to put my name out there. I really just want to put my name out there."

It's hard to argue that it wasn't already out there but even harder after he handled Chilson 8-1 to face Regalbuto.

Regalbuto was fresh off a win over two-time state placer and returning runner-up Luke Baughman in a Suburban League dual against Wadsworth. The Brecksville senior was ranked 13th nationally by's Josh Lowe and looking incredible.

Fields turned the match into a takedown clinic, scoring seven of them and earning back points once in a 17-7 victory.

"This shows me I can roll around with anybody in the country," Fields said. "It shows I can win state. I can be on top of the podium. He's ranked high. He's beaten kids that have beaten me. This is definitely the biggest win of my high school career.

"It means a lot. Last year, in the first round of state I was winning, got taken down and ended up losing. I would love for people to be afraid of me to go out there. It feels good knowing people are afraid of me and don't want to wrestle me."

Brunswick coach Mike Koshar sees that drive. He knows where Fields has been but sees a bigger road ahead.

"I think it was a real big win not only because it was a really, really good kid, but just for the psyche and technique we were working on with Derek," Koshar said. "He stuck to his game plan, and that's what you need to do to win these big matches down the road."

While Logan Heil (126) failed in his bid to become champion, the two-time state placer and three-time state qualifier didn't go home without learning.

The three-time Dies finalist Heil was the aggressor in his match with Brecksville state placer Jimmy Carmany, formerly of Wadsworth, but was pinned in 3:18.

Heil took a shot on Carmany in the first period but was put on his back three times and was down 9-0 after two minutes.

After giving up a takedown in the second period, Carmany escaped and put Heil on his back.

"Honestly, this angers me to the point where I want to go back into the practice room," Heil said. "I want to keep doing moves repetitively, moves that he hit on me. We have a coach in our room that hits exactly what my opponent hit in the match.

"I learned that I can't always be on the mat. I have to drive up. I can't be looking down ever. I can never stop. This is the match to me that is a make or break moment. I believe I take it as a make. I'm going to embrace this loss. I'm going to throw fits. I'm going to be angry, maybe I'll go downstairs, throw on boxing gloves and hit the wall, but in the end, I'm going to get focused now."

The Blue Devils finished sixth behind champion Brecksville. Eddie Sevastos (4th, 220) and Mico Miloradovic (7th, 132), Kevin Kiussis (7th, 170) also placed for Brunswick.

Anthony Ashley (126) was sixth for Buckeye but had to forfeit his matches Saturday due to school administration not letting the Bucks wrestle Saturday because of inclement weather.

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AKRON - Results Saturday from the 32nd annual Bill Dies Memorial Tournament at Firestone High School.

Team standings:

1. Brecksville 301, 2. Canfield 145.5; 3. Rootstown 128.5, 4. Avon 199.5, 5. Barberton 1171,

6. Brunswick 115.5

, 7. 101, 8. Streetsboro 97, 9. Kenston 88.5, 10. Copley 78, 11. Tallmadge 77.5, 12. Woodridge 75, 13. Revere, Olmsted Falls, 70, 15. Midview 69, 16. Canton South 67.5, 17. Madison, Norton 63, 19. Norwayne 61, 20. Stow 57.5, 21. Green 55.5, 22. Parma 54.5, 23. GlenOak 48.5, 24. Jackson 48, 25. Mogadore 43.5, 26. Firestone 43, 27. Garrettsville Garfield 39, 28. Bowling Green,

Buckeye 34.5

, 30. Archbishop Hoban 33.5, 31. Jefferson Area 32, 32. Garfield Heights 25, 33. Wickliffe, 34. Manchester 13, 35. Springfield 12, 36. Chippewa 4.

Individual results


Cael Saxton (Avo) d. Pito Castro (Bre), 4-2; Third: Nick Barber d. (Can) Alexander Crane (Sher), 6-2; Fifth: Daniel Demma (Gar) by ff Will Maghes (Jac); Seventh: Jarrison Moore (Nor) m.d. Dominic Hahn (Spr), 10-0.


Jack Stanley (Bre) d. Caleb Edwards (Roo), 4-2; Third: Ethan Fletcher (Can) m.d. Hunter Miller (Sou), 8-0; Fifth: Nathan Demangeont (Woo) by inj. def. Zane VanVoorhis (Cop); Seventh: Hamzah Abdelrahim (Fir) by ff. Ethan Sear (Avo).


Kyren Butler (Cop) d. Jason Mayes (Jeff), 5-0; Third: Jayden Morr (Nor) d. Nick Gayner (Rev), 2-0; Fifth: Mike Prikryl (Roo) d. Vince Randall (Sto), 12-9. Seventh: Brennan Stang (OF) p. Josh Heatwall (Tal), 3:25.


Jimmy Carmany (Bre) p. Logan Heil (Bru), 3:18; Third: Sean Neff (Str) m.d. Canyon Wells (Cop), 11-2; Fifth: Mason Kline by ff Anthony Ashley (Buc); Seventh: Zak Anderson (Mid) p. Carson Atkins (OF), 2:44.


: Caleb Graber (Gre) d. Brandon Reeves (Woo), 3-0; Third: James Bronstrup (Bre) d. Seth Samidan (Ken), 5-1; Fifth: Trent Duval (Roo) m.d. Jake White (Man), 9-1; Seventh: Mico Miloradovic (Bru) p. Sir McDaniel (Fir), 2:10.


: Derek Fields (Bru) m.d. Marco Regalbuto (Bre), 17-7; Third: Niko Chilson (Roo) m.d. Daniel Devera (Par), 12-2; Fifth: Kolbie Lange (Bar) by ff. Ricky McReynolds (Fir) Seventh: Nate Urry (OF) p. Gus Eschedor (BG), 2:56.


Daniel Patten (Sto) d. Jordan Barnett (She), 8-4; Third: Adam Nedolast (Cop) p. Tommy Sear (Avo), 2:42; Fifth: Andrew Phillion (Mid) by ff Zach Scalf (Bar); Seventh: Doug Bailey (Mad) p. Maison Benz (Ken), 2:12.


Vic Voinovich (Bre) m.d. Shayne Magda (Mad), 19-5; Third: Zayne Lehman (Rev) d. Dylan Sosnowsky (Ken), 6-4; Fifth: Caiden Rodgers (Str) d. Nick Skye (Mog), 4-2; Seventh: Kenny French (Gle) t.f. Brandon Burkhart (OF), 16-0.


Joe Koplow (Ken) m.d. Gavin Ziol (Par), 12-2; Third: Anthony Rizzo (Bre) p. Chris Anderson (Stre), 2:36; Fifth: David Reinhart (Can) by inj. def. Tyler Wiliams (Sou); Seventh: Chris Anderson (Roo) d. David Thompson (Mad), 5-0.


Hank Carey (Str) d. Richie Eyre (Tal), 8-3; Third: Ben Cutrer (Can) d. Soren Osicka (Bre), 5-2; Fifth: Dylan Davis (Gre) by ff. Brody Arrindale (Mad); Seventh: Kevin Kiussis (Bru) p. Donald Otto (Nor), 1:28.


Gary Wokojance (Bar) t.f. Ben Vanadia (Bre), 17-2; Third: Jesse Kanatzer (Tall) d. Kaden Kidd (Nor), 5-3: Fifth: Doug Byrne (Wic) by ff; George Rozier (Fir); Seventh: Chance King (Sher) d. Luke Petit (Hob), 7-6.


Ethan Hatcher (Bre) p. PJ Zentiska (Bar), 4:10; Third: Owen Loughman (Sher) by med. def. Jordan Greer (Avo); Fifth: Justin Jaeckin (OF) d. Logan Penix (Mog), 9-7: Seventh: Dalten Frey (Sou) by inj. def. Jakob Hopkins (Nor).


Tyler Stein (Can) d. Ryan Boyle (Roo), 5-3, OT; Third: Max Fausnaugh (BG) d. Eddie Sevastos (Bru), 9-2; Fifth: Isaac Sell (Bre) d. Leone Webb (GH), 4-3; Seventh: Miles Ashbaugh (Woo) by ff. Ben Blankenship (Tall).


Daniel Bucknavich (Mid) p. Jack Roesch (Avo), 2:22; Third: Jacob Petit (Hob) d. DeOntae Williams (Sou), 5-1; Fifth: Richie Hofus (Can) p. Ryan Sadler (Bre), 3:44; Seventh: Mike Cart (Bar) p. Cody Luther (Rev), 2:17.

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