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Medina County Fair 2015

County Fair motocross: Riders on fast track to success

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MEDINA — A dry track at the Medina County Fairgrounds led to fast motocross racing Tuesday night.

The event, put on by the Ohio Motocross Association, was the second of the OMA Faircross series.

A big winner was Berlin Heights’ Carson Nealey, who captured the 85cc Senior and Super Mini classes.

“It’s a pretty nice course,” Nealey said. “The grandstand jump is a little sketchy. Last year I made the amateur national championship, so this is just a little race, nothing big.”

In his first race, Nealey had to play catch-up after the start. He got right on Cody Andres’ tail and hung there until making his move on a straightaway.

“The plan was to get in front,” Nealey said.

Nealey got the best of Andres again in the 85cc race without much challenge. Nealey took the lead early and never looked back.

Ashland’s Brandon Weiler had a good night as well. Weiler gave Valley City’s Travis Brown a run in the ATV C class but settled for second in the first race of the night. Weiler had no problems in the ATV Open, cruising to the win.

“My start was better than it normally is,” Weiler said. “It’s a nice track. It was very dry in practice, then a little muddy for my first race (after officials watered the track). But the races went really well. I can’t complain.”

The last race of the night, the Open C class, provided an exciting finish for the event.

After wins earlier in the evening, New London’s Drew Szmania and Sycamore’s William Van Beveren revved up for a battle of champions.

Szmania grabbed the lead at the start, with Van Beveren staying close. Van Beveren had better speed on the straights. On turns the two entered side-by-side, Szmania handled the corners better, and getting into lapped traffic helped him fend off Van Beveren for the win.

The event featured 178 racers from around Ohio, some as young as 4. Some of the biggest cheers came in the youth ATV races as one little racer chugged over the mounds with steadfast determination.

Seville’s Dylan Pavlovicz took victory in the 85cc Junior class and finished second in the 65cc Senior class. Other Medina County residents with top finishes included Spencer’s Jacob Seger (50cc Jr.), Medina’s Austin McKee (50cc Sr.) and Medina’s Corey Setser (Plus 25).

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250 C Group 1: 1. Drew Szmania, 2. Gavin Moitoret, 3. Tom Havranek, 4. Brandon Hill, 5. Andrew Perko. 250 C Group 2: 1. William Van Beveren, 2. Zach Peters, 3. Colton Johnson, 4. Grant Gregory, 5. Sebastian Spencer. 50cc: 1. Jacob Seger, 2. Gabe Holen, 3. Blake Baysinger, 4. Ella Salamon, 5. Joshua Budi. 50cc Sr: 1. Austin McKee, 2. Bobby Christman, 3. Cade Tomko, 4. Darek Klein, 5. Preston Kreakie. 50cc Shaft Drive/Oil: 1. Danny Haynes, 2. E. Salamon, 3. Brenden McKee, 4. Tony Zamora, 5. Talon Wisman. 50cc Open: 1. B. Christman, 2. C. Tomko. 65cc: 1. Stephan Kozopas. 65cc Sr: 1. Devon Mayer, 2. Dylan Pavlovicz, 3. Reece Clason. Jr. Trail: 1. Brad Weber, 2. Jonathan Lewicki, 3. Dawson Tryon, 4. Zach Bowser, 5. Benjamin West. Sr. Trail: 1. Eric Bartos, 2. Eric Biesiada, 3. Drake Honigman, 4. Jared Karr, 5. Riley Karr. 85cc Jr: 1. D. Pavlovicz, 2. Heath Sutton, 3. Trey Swartz. 85cc Sr: 1. Carson Nealey, 2. Cody Andres, 3. Collin Sager, 4. Johnny Campbell, 5. Zane Davidson. Super Mini: 1. C. Nealey, 2. C. Andres, 3. Zach Lahood, 4. Wyatt Shockley, 5. Z. Davidson.

Women Bike: 1. Kelly Lotts. Collegeboy: 1. Cole Zollars, 2. Ryan Diezic, 3. Hunter Haas, 4. Brett Moncol, 5. G. Moitoret. Plus 25: 1. Corey Setser, 2. Eric Harrison, 3. Ethan Snyder. Schoolboy: 1. Trevor Grisez, 2. W. Van Beveren, 3. Mike Ish, 4. Alex Scrattish, 5. T. Havranek. Plus Vet 30 C: 1. K. Lotts, 2. David Phillips, 3. Russ Pennell. Plus Senior 50: 1. David Blauman. 250 A: 1. Logan Pfleiderer, 2. Clint Schaffer, 3. Daniel Lahood, 4. R. Diezic. Open A (Pro Bike): 1. Clay Elliott, 2. L. Pfleiderer, 3. C. Schaffer, 4. D. Lahood, 5. Austen Wilkins. 250 B: 1. M. Ish, 2. Tyler Rydell. Open B: 1. Mike Plas, 2. C. Zollars. Open C: 1. D. Szmania, 2. W. Van Beveren, 3. Cameron Gooding, 4. Z. Peters, 5. C. Johnson. Plus Vet 30: 1. Todd Sinclair, 2. Jim Swartz. Pit Bike: 1. Justin Hall, 2. W. Shockley, 3. Dustin Smith, 4. Justin Haudenschild, 5. C. Andres. ATV 50: 1. Heidi Earl, 2. Holly Earl, 3. Billy Bowlin Jr., 4. Brad Bowlin, 5. Rhett Turner. ATV 70: 1. Joey Mickley. 2-Stroke: 1. H. Haas, 2. T. Grisez, 3. M. Ish, 4. Mike Vagarasoto, 5. Terry Nick. ATV 90: 1. Mikayla Mathews, 2. Seth Walter. ATV Schoolboy 2 (12-16): 1. Austin Earl, 2. Carson Sobey. ATV B: 1. Kenny Carver, 2. Rebel Mead. ATV C: 1. Travis Brown, 2. Brandon Weiler, 3. Joe Cisar, 4. Devin Walkuski, 5. Blake Umbaugh. ATV Vet: 1. Larry Miner, 2. J. Cisar, 3. Mike Sheldon, 4. Keith Plues, 5. Jimmy Schneider. ATV Open: 1. B. Weiler, 2. Eric Metzler, 3. D. Walkuski, 4. Ronnie Ammons, 5. Ty Campbell.

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