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Medina County Fair

Piglets enjoy huge popularity at Medina County Fair


MEDINA — Piglets don’t get much alone time at the Medina County Fair.

There are two pens with litters of the little squealers near the south end of the fairgrounds this week. Not only does each little piggie share the pen with nine siblings and one large mother, they also have plenty of human visitors.

Many fairgoers are making it a point this week to visit the pigs.

“We saw (piglets) last year, and my kids had to see them again,” said Angela Gute of Liverpool Township. She and her son Ean, 8, and daughter Gabrielle, 5, watched as the piglets nursed, played and slept Wednesday afternoon.

Cooing, giggling and the occasional “Mommy, I want one!” can be heard around the piglet pens.

Two girls let out an ear-piercing “Aaah” in unison as they approached the pigs.

“They’re so cute,” said 12-year-old Gabriella Moore of Cleveland.

“They look really cuddly,” said her friend, Tina Micovic, 13, of Parma.

Tim Farnsworth of Montville Township owns the piglets and said he didn’t expect the attention this week.

“That’s probably one of the hottest barns up there. I didn’t realize there’s that many people that walk to the barn,” he said. “Maybe it’s just because little pigs are so darn cute. Hell, I have no idea.”

Farnsworth’s SF Farms at 7433 Guilford Road sells show pigs. This is the first year he’s brought piglets to the fair. The litters are just six days apart, but the younger pigs that are a week old are almost half the size of the 13-day-old piglets.

“That’s nothing,” Farnsworth said. They’ll weigh about 250 pounds in six months. He said the pigs’ mothers weigh about 500 pounds and some pigs can even reach more than a half-ton.

That’s why Farnsworth said they won’t make very good pets, even though plenty of children ask their mothers if they can take a little pig home from the fair.

“They’re not going to stay little,” Farnsworth said.

Rebecca Weimer of Seville suggested she and her boyfriend Brian Soderson adopt a little piggie.

“They’re itty bitty. They’re cute,” Weimer said.

“She said it’s going to sleep on my side of the bed. I said it can until he gets this big,” Soderson said as he stretched out his hands.

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