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Envision offers $11M overhaul to reopen Central Processing Facility


Envision Waste Services LLC wants to reopen the Central Processing Facility in Westfield Township and has promised to invest $11 million in new equipment.

CEO Steve Viny said at the Medina County Solid Waste Committee meeting Thursday that he’d guarantee a 40 percent recycling rate.

As per contractual agreement, Envision’s recycling rate was 13.5 percent when it designed, built and operated the CPF for 21 years before its contract expired in January 2015.

“Back then, the CPF was a state-of-the-art facility,” Viny said.

Viny said he could have a new operation up and running in about a year. His company is seeking a

20-year contract from the county.

“We are looking to eliminate all the equipment in the plant and basically start over,” he said.

Viny said Medina County waste volume increased to an average of more than 500 tons per day toward the end of Envision’s run. The plant could no longer handle the higher volume of waste coming in.

He said his company is now equipped to handle the volume of waste coming in.

“There is new state-of-the-art technology that is a game-changer,” he said. “That’s what we’re looking to do.”

Viny calls it a “miniMRF system,” which recaptures reusable materials from a solid waste stream. His system would mean residents would not have to separate their trash from their recyclables — that would be done at the plant.

Envision, of Cleveland, would be able to capture fuel, plastics and other materials from the waste and be able to sell it. Waste is no longer sorted by hand. It’s now a fully automated sorting system.

“We’ve offered to guarantee a recovery rate of 40 percent of the waste process,” Viny said. “It’s a higher capture rate due to our new sorting equipment. You can’t get these kinds of recycling rates unless you have a mixed waste processing plant.

“We would be purchasing all of the equipment with our own funds. That would reduce the county investment over what happened in the past.”

Viny said he’s on board with the county’s motto of more recycling at a lower cost.

He said the county used to own the equipment, trucks, loaders and trailers. The county also paid for maintenance of the equipment.

“That’s all on our dime and in our tip fee now,” Viny said. “(The county would) no longer have to budget for it.”

Viny hopes to recycle 39,000 tons a year — about 10 times the volume of the current Sum of All Parts program (drop-off bins, curbside collection and materials dropped off at the CPF).

“You’re not going to get that from curbside,” Viny said. “You won’t get close. We think we can do better. You’ll exceed the Ohio EPA’s performance requirements.

“This is very appealing to us to do a full re-set (at the CPF). If you inked the contract today, if we reconvened in this room a year from now, you’d see it running.”

The Solid Waste Policy Committee and then Medina County commissioners would have to approve Viny’s proposal. No vote has been scheduled.

“If we find something that fits the mixed waste processing model and fits the cost structure of something we think we should do in this facility, if it’s in accordance to what the residents of Medina County want, we’d act on it,” Medina County Commissioner Adam Friedrick said.

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