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Credit card skimmer found in Brunswick gas pump

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    A credit card skimmer was discovered this week in a gas pump at Cenco gas station, 3769 Center Road, Brunswick.


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    Brunswick Police Officer Steve Karthan holds a credit card skimmer that was found this week in a gas pump at Cenco gas station, 3769 Center Road.



BRUNSWICK — A credit card skimmer was discovered this week in a gas pump on Center Road.

The Medina County Auditor’s Office said Thursday in news release that officials were conducting a routine inspection at Cenco gas station, 3769 Center Road, when they found the device.

The device, which can be used to reveal credit and debit cardholder information, immediately was removed by police.

Police Chief Brian Ohlin said as of Thursday, the department has not learned of any victims of identity theft from using the fuel station.

He said an investigation is continuing.

The auditor’s office said it has ordered blue security tape that customers will see on gas pumps throughout the county. The security tape reveals a voided side if there has been tampering, so it acts as a warning to consumers not to use that pump.

“We will continue to aggressively inspect pumps in Medina County to protect our consumers,” county Auditor Mike Kovack said in a statement. “We encourage all Medina County residents to assist us in thwarting these scam artists.”

Tips to avoid identity theft at gas stations:

  • Use a credit card, not a debit card. If applicable, use a credit card with a microchip.
  • Use gas pumps that are within the line of sight by the clerk. Thieves are less likely to try to install skimmers on these pumps because of a higher chance of being seen.
  • Inspect the pump before using it. If there is tape near the credit card reader or the device is loose, don’t use it. If there are any indications of a forced entry to the pump, avoid it. If there are unusual signs on the pump, do not use it. Thieves also have attached signs to some pumps with alternative directions.
  • Cover the keypad when typing in a ZIP code or PIN (personal identification number).
  • Check credit card statements and report unusual purchases to credit card companies.

For information, call the auditor’s office at (330) 725-9764.

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