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Medina council member reports vandalism


MEDINA — Brian Hilberg’s home was vandalized Saturday, and the Ward 1 councilman said he hopes it wasn’t politically motivated.

When Hilberg and his wife returned from an event at Robby’s Recovery Center at about 8:30 p.m., someone had spray-painted obscenities on a window of his house and on an unattached shed.

A campaign sign in his yard for his re-election was defaced, along with some potted mums and a pumpkin in the yard.

He said he spent part of Sunday repainting his shed and scraping paint off the window.

Hilberg, owner of Marie’s Caf← on Public Square, is in a hotly contested race for his city council seat against Laura Parnell and Kevin Consiglio.

When reached Tuesday by phone, Consiglio said he just heard about the incident. He said he’s had no problems like that in his Bella Rosa Court neighborhood.

Parnell said she lives five doors down from Hilberg’s home at the corner of North Huntington and Homestead streets.

“Our street is pretty quiet,” she said. “It begs the question of how it happened.”

Parnell, owner of Cool Beans Caf← on Public Square, has offered a $500 reward for the successful prosecution of the perpetrator because, she said, “it’s my neighborhood.”

“Things like that are unacceptable,” she said. “You can’t let someone get away with that.”

Parnell’s campaign manager, Councilman At-large Bill Lamb, released the following statement: “Although we don’t believe Brian’s performance in office merits re-election, there is absolutely no reason under any circumstance for vandalism to Brian’s home or property, which we condemn in the strongest manner possible. Laura Parnell has offered a reward of $500 for the successful prosecution of the perpetrator of this ugly act, stating that vandalism has no place in our community.”

Hilberg, who has filed a police report, said he doesn’t want to point fingers.

“Someone must have been upset with me. … Honestly, I don’t know. There’s no proof it was campaign motivated.”

Hilberg said he didn’t have surveillance video at his home Saturday, but he does now.

“We’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now,” he said Tuesday. “This is the catalyst to get it.“This is small-town Medina. Who would have thought this would happen in Medina.

“If this is politically motivated, it’s disgusting. It’s disgusting that someone would do this over small-town politics.”

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