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Four flu deaths in Medina County; vaccination encouraged


MEDINA — Krista Wasowski, the county’s health commissioner, said there have been four influenza deaths this year in Medina County.

Wasowski, who spoke to Medina County commissioners Tuesday, said four flu-related deaths is not unusually high.

“That was an expected number,” she said.

Wasowski said there were three flu-related deaths last year.

She said she’s heard complaints about the flu shots this season, but recommends getting one.

“The formula that is given for this flu season was determined last February,” she said. “That’s when they started growing the vaccine and getting it ready for this fall.

“We look and see what types are going on throughout the world and they do the best they can to make it match.

“It’s not as strongly matched as in past years. One of things we do to remind people is that even though it’s not a strong match for all strains that are circulating, there are strains circulating that are in the influenza vaccine this year.

“We really do encourage people to still get a flu shot.”

Among the data tracked for the week of Nov. 19-25, there were 25 emergency room visits for the flu and 30 the week before. Season-to-date, there have been 179 emergency room visits.

The highest frequency of emergency room visits was for children younger than age 18 — 63 percent. There were 112 patients up to age 17, 23 were 18 to 39, 19 were 40 to 64 and 25 were 65 and older.

The highest level of patients with flu-like symptoms in emergency room visits were from Chippewa Lake and Liverpool Township.

Of the 179 emergency room visits, 92 were male and

87 were female.

There was one hospitalization because of the flu in Medina County so far this year.

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Other news

  • Jeff Van Loon, district manager of the Medina County Soil and Water Conservation District, said his office will conduct a livestock survey for the Chippewa Lake Watershed. Residents “have concerns with algae in the lake,” Van Loon said. “Citizens are asking what is going on.” The lake has either been closed this year or advisories were posted about toxic algal blooms and to avoid the water.
  • A.V. Khandelwal, M.D., will continue to provide medical services for residents of the Medina County Home through Dec. 31, 2018. The rate is $744 per month.
  • Trisha Norton will continue to provide beautician services for Medina County Home residents for the next calendar year at a rate of $330 per month.
  • Medina County Public Transit drivers were given a raise — $12.66 an hour to $12.91.
  • Ronald D. Ross was reappointed to the Public Defender Commission with a term ending Dec. 31, 2021.
  • Fredrick Geissman and Thomas Hazelwood were reappointed to the Medina County Volunteer Peace Officers Dependent Fund Board with their terms ending Dec. 31, 2018.

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