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Breakdown of the Diamond Project


BRUNSWICK — Gary Gomez and Tim Richissin, both city residents, rave about the musicians they’ve assembled for The Diamond Project, their Neil Diamond tribute band. Here is Richissin’s rundown of the roster:


  • Becky Grano, vocals: “She’s been in jazz bands and church choirs, and does great harmonies with Carrie (Vieweg, another vocalist). She’s the life of the party, constantly moving, dancing, keeping things light.”
  • Bob Leaf, lead guitar: “Bob has played in church bands and blues projects on the east side. He’s one of those guys who can play whatever you ask him to. He’s a very technical player, and really brings the real sound of Neil Diamond out in his guitar.”
  • Bill Lubinger, bass: “If there’s one guy who looks like he’s having a blast on stage every night, it’s Bill. He loves doing what we do, and we have a lot of fun with him. Every time you look back at the guy, he’s smiling away.”
  • Zack Richards, trumpet: “He subbed for us once and stayed on when we parted ways with another trumpet player.”
  • Greg Spangler, drums: “He’s one of the best drummers in the Cleveland area. He has studied Neil Diamond and has every piece of equipment Neil Diamond’s drummer would have.”
  • Alan Sponseller, trombone: “He’s an attorney. He’s actually in several bands and is one of the area’s better trombone players. He’s a sought-after guy.”
  • Amy Vavpot, keyboards: “She’s classically trained. Every sound you hear on a Neil Diamond record, she replicates. She is probably the most meticulous person in the band, as far as making sure that we’re playing it exactly right.”
  • Carrie Vieweg, vocals: “She came in first place in a McDonald’s national contest for vocalists and was among the top five in the world. So, of course, we wanted her to be part of the band. She’s the daughter of the guy who leads our horn section.”
  • Walt Vieweg, saxophone/flute/harmonica: “He’s phenomenal, unbelievably talented. He can play every instrument out there.”

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