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Library fair highlights local history

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    Lila Lehrer of the Medina County Historical Society displays some of the groups artifacts at the annual Local History Fair on Saturday at Medina Library.


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    Hinckley Historical Society President Charles Gibson points to a depiction of the Dec. 24, 1818, Hinckley Hunt during the Local History Fair on Saturday at Medina Library. The hunt reportedly led to buzzards returning to the area year after year as a result of the animals killed that day.


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    State Rep. Steve Hambley, R-Brunswick right, visits the Medina Library on Saturday for the annual Local History Fair. Shown with Hambley are, Chuck Legree, left, and Gloria McIntyre of the Northern Ohio Railway Museum.



MEDINA — History came alive at Medina Library during the Local History Fair, which brought 18 local historical societies and organizations together Saturday afternoon.

Thomas Hilberg of the Medina County Historical Society said the organization has participated in the event since it began three years ago.

“It is a way of getting the word out that the Medina County Historical Society is here in the county and preserving history,” Hilberg said. “We get all kinds of people coming in that say they didn’t realize that this existed.”

Event organizer Kathy Petras of Medina Library said the event was inspired by an annual meeting that brought together the county’s historical societies but was not open to the public, and also an individual who suggested the library host a Medina County history day.

“I think it has gone well,” Petras said. “I think the societies really like having an opportunity to get together and talk, but also to talk to the public.”

More than 150 people attended the fair this year, she said.

Hinckley Historical Society President Charles Gibson said his organization is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Great Hinckley Hunt.

“There were quite a few (species) of wildlife eating the farmers’ grain or eating the livestock, so they got over 200 people together and had a posse where they forced animals into an enclosure and they shot them,” Gibson said.

The meat was distributed among the settlers, and the carcasses were left to rot through the winter.

Gibson said the hunt Dec. 24, 1818, is behind the legend of why buzzards return to the Hinckley Reservation year after year on March 15, because of all the animals killed that day.

“The birds either had very good memories or they liked the area for nesting,” he said.

Other organizations participating included the Medina Bicentennial Committee, Wadsworth Historical Society Museum, Seville Historical Society and Chippewa Lake Ohio Historical Society.

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