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State senate to honor 90th anniversary of the Ohio Township Association


Local trustees will represent Medina County during an Ohio Senate session Wednesday that will recognize the 90th anniversary of the Ohio Township Association.

Lafayette Township Trustee Lynda Bowers said townships continue to be an effective form of government, and she is looking forward to representing her township Wednesday at the Statehouse in Columbus.

Townships “account for a little more than half the land mass, and almost half of the population in the state of Ohio,” Bowers said. “Ohio townships account for less than 3 percent of all government spending. That is huge.”

Bowers said one of the reasons townships account for such a small portion of government spending is that they work with their neighbors.

“When we need to buy an expensive piece of equipment that we are going to use maybe three weeks out of the year, we talk to our neighbors and see if they need the equipment too and buy it together,” she explained. “Townships across the state of Ohio do that very well, and that’s how we keep our costs down.”

The association was founded in 1928 and has 5,200 active members, “made up of trustees and fiscal officers from Ohio’s 1,308 townships, and more than 4,000 associate members,” according to the association’s website.

“All of the townships are involved in it and Medina County has its own chapter and they meet every month,” said Montville Township Trustee Sally Albrecht, who also will attend Wednesday’s Senate session.

Albrecht said speakers attend local OTA chapter meetings to address relevant issues that Medina County’s 17 townships may be experiencing. Examples include road maintenance agreements with NEXUS and the use of solar energy.

Bowers said the OTA exists to protect townships and their residents against threats, such as being absorbed into neighboring cities and towns.

‘The Ohio Township Association’s primary reason for existence is to preserve the role of township government,” she said.

“When you live in a township and you have an issue, you call your township trustee on the phone at home, you knock on their door, you see them in the grocery store; (you) don’t have to go through a lot of layers,” Bowers said.

State Sen. Bob Peterson, R-Sabina, will present Wednesday’s resolution honoring the OTA.

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