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Brunswick director keeping eye on road salt supply


BRUNSWICK — He’s not ready to hit the panic button, but the city’s service and streets director is keeping an eye on Brunswick’s road salt supply.

“Right now, we have 1,500 tons in storage on the ground,” Service and Streets Director Paul Barnett said during City Council’s Services, Utilities, Technology and Cable Committee meeting Monday night.

While he is not “super comfortable” with that number, he said Brunswick has fared better this winter than some other communities in the area that have run out of road salt.

To date, the city has used 4,100 tons of road salt and Brunswick uses an average of 6,000 tons of road salt each winter, Barnett said.

He said when a community runs out of road salt, it can call the Ohio Department of Transportation and may be able secure additional resources. However, when ODOT’s salt reserves are low, it cannot provide additional salt to communities.

“ODOT has kind of pushed the panic button themselves,” Barnett said.

He said that many communities have ordered salt, including Brunswick, but they are not able to get it quickly enough. He said it takes on average three to four weeks for delivery.

“We are supposed to get a delivery (today) of a 400-ton order that we placed,” he said.

Barnett said a harsh winter can impact the cost for road salt for the following season.

“When you see a hard winter, usually the cost goes up,” he said.

Barnett said the cost of road salt is $31.18, and he plans on buying as much as he can to make sure Brunswick is well equipped for the next winter season.

“We will buy every ounce of salt we can because the price will probably go up,” he said.

Barnett said Brunswick probably needs an additional 2,000 tons of road salt to successfully treat the roads for the remainder of the winter season.

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