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Man of many talents: Hunter goes from rocker to photographer

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    A sample of Mark Hunter's artwork.


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    A sample of Mark Hunter's artwork


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    A sample of Mark Hunter's artwork.


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    Mark Hunter.


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Who knew when Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter was singing the metalcore band’s song “Trigger Finger,” the Brunswick resident was referring to his love of photography.

At least that’s what he discovered a couple of years ago after the band broke up. That’s when he officially started his own commercial photography business, Mark Hunter Photo.

“Working with businesses, I feel like I’m an actual asset because of my background in music and understanding of brand continuity and imagery,” said Hunter, a 1995 Strongsville High School graduate.

“I found my niche in Medina where I work with businesses that have great brands, but maybe they’re a little behind expressing that digitally.

“So I can go in, take photos for a business and almost give them a rock star makeover in how we would do things. I can also help customers and clients rebuild their entire web presence from a website to social media. It’s all driven by strong photography.”

While Hunter may be providing the “rock star” treatment, he said the majority of his roughly 30 clients have no idea of his past, which includes seven studio albums, a dozen music videos and tons of touring.

Looking back, the singer said his interest in photography was evident early. While in Chimaira, he took it upon himself to find the right photographers and videographers, which included “nerding out” by picking their brains about the craft.

It was during a 2012 band documentary shoot where the camera crew was short on photographers that Hunter offered to pick up a camera, he said, because he was always fascinated with photography. Soon after he received positive feedback and that opened the door to explore this passion.

“It sparked something in me, that I can do this,” Hunter said. “I had a natural eye for it. That really helped getting positive feedback first from the band members and then I started taking pictures and sharing with friends and family.

“I knew I wanted to do something with my life that was still very much art-driven, but as music was taking a backseat for me, I thought, ‘Wow, maybe I can actually turn this into a career some day?’ And here we are, I’m still trying to turn it into a career.”

Even though at the end of last year Chimaira enjoyed a successful reunion show, Hunter said he’s focused on photography, which actually influenced by the world of film.

“Without a doubt, I’m the biggest Stanley Kubrick fanboy there is,” Hunter said. “Regarding photography, he started out as a photographer for Look magazine and became one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

“He was very hands-on with framing, with what lenses were chosen. That photography background is key. So cinema is the place for my sources of inspiration and namely the cinematographers of the world.”

Considering Hunter’s love of film, he admits that’s probably where his career will take him.

“I do want to get into cinema at some point,” Hunter said. “That’s my passion. But I want to be really great at photography, being able to capture expression and lighting, before I ever even think about going into that world.”

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