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Hiccups bump up Brunswick road project's price tag


BRUNSWICK — Citing utility conflicts and poor subgrade conditions, Consulting City Engineer Matt Jones asked City Council on Monday to approve a contract increase for the Skyview Drive Reconstruction project.

“We are looking to increase the contract by $21,446.92,” said Jones of the nearly $9 million project.

Unmarked cable lines and gas lines embedded into old concrete are responsible for about $9,000 in the additional fees owed to the contractor. The rest came from what Jones described as “unusually poor subgrade conditions.”

Contingencies were put into the contract to pay for those, but those contingencies were used up and then some, Jones said.

“The cable television lines ended up being right under the south curve, which was 7 or 8 feet away from where the records showed,” he said.

There also were several crossing points where gas lines were up into the old concrete. Workers had to wait for the gas company to do their work before they could continue.

“All this work has already been completed. It does change the contract amount for the job for the originally approved $958,984 up to $980,430.92,” Jones said.

At-large Councilman Brian Ousley said gas lines are supposed to be a minimum of 18 inches below the surface, and said the utility companies responsible should have to cover the additional expenses.

“The gas company didn’t have the gas line in the right position when it was underneath the concrete,” Ousley said.

“Why can’t there be any back charges on the gas company, even the cable people who laid these lines, why should we be picking up that expense?”

Jones said he thinks it is something the utility companies should be responsible for, but it will be difficult to actually get them to pay.

Council unanimously voted to suspend the rules and approved, on first reading, the pay increase for the contractor.

The approximately 2,100-foot project was completed last year and included replacing deteriorated concrete pavement, sidewalks, storm sewer crossovers and catch basins between Pearl Road and Woodhollow Drive.

In other action:

Council approved a resolution opposing proposed “right to work” constitutional amendments.

The amendments would limit the way unions are funded and are viewed by some as an attempt to weaken unions across the state.

Several members of unions, including United Steelworkers and Teamsters, spoke during the meeting and asked Council to approve the emergency resolution.

“The good news is the six joint House resolutions that were introduced in December remain stuck in committee and I have been assured by our state legislators for Medina County that they are not likely to get out of committee, so that is why I am supporting this legislation,” Ward 3 Councilman Joe Salzgeber said.

Mayor Ron Falconi said he believes the legislation is partisan for a nonpartisan Council and has nothing to do with Brunswick.

“There is nothing pending now in Columbus, nor is there anything pending to my knowledge in the United States House of Representatives or the Senate,” he said.

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