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Seville mayor: Water tested safe


SEVILLE — Recent water main breaks in two village neighborhoods did not taint drinking water, Mayor Carol Carter said.

Carter explained there were areas of the village where water pressure was low, and two new and more efficient water towers constructed this year alleviated the problem.

Higher water pressure flowing through the lines, however, contributed to the breaks, she said.

Work on the new towers — one off Center Road and the other off Greenwich Road — began last fall and was completed in the spring at a cost of around $2.7 million, Board of Public Affairs Superintendent Kevin Bittaker said.

“So this was a huge, huge undertaking for the village,” Carter said Thursday.

The new towers replaced older units on Greenwich Road and Water Street, Bittaker said.

“We changed the pressure by about 12-15 pounds and the old pipes weren’t used to that,” he said. “It was just a matter of getting the pipes pressured up to that.”

Village residents are now seeing water pressure between the mid-40s to low 50s psi (pounds per square inch), he said.

Carter said the village handled about 15 water main breaks during the week of the Medina County Fair at the beginning of the month, and residents were made aware of the breaks and water safety.

Bittaker said water quality is monitored regularly, and was throughout the breaks.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was notified about the issue, Carter said, noting the breaks affected two village allotments, Pin Oak Trail, where she lives, and Pleasant View.

“People in my allotment, when they turned their faucets on, (the water) looked dingy and dirty, so (the Ohio EPA) said to run it until it ran clear, which wasn’t even five minutes for me, and the water was right back to where it was supposed to be,” Carter said.

“There was no boil alert, nothing.”

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