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Medina teen wins dream bedroom

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    Hansen Restoration and Ora Designs have teamed up for Dream Bedroom Giveaway for Hailey Keil. Here, Hailey sits next to her mother, Shelly Ritley, with Brianna and Devin Hansen behind them.



MEDINA — Hansen Restoration and Ora Designs wanted to give back to the community.

Devin Hansen, co-owner of the construction company at 6050 Stone Road, and his wife, Brianna, of Ora Designs, are planning a Dream Bedroom Giveaway for 16-year-old Hailey Keil, of Medina.

Hailey, who will be a junior at the online Treca Digital Academy in Brecksville, was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as brittle bone disease.

Her mother, Shelly Ritley, said they have lost count of how many bones her daughter has broken.

“When she was younger, she’d be walking and just break her tibia bones,” she said. “Every six months, they would break. Her legs were badly bowed. She had to wear braces for a while. Most of the time, she would crawl or scoot around on the floor.”

Hailey now has rods in both her shinbones and thigh bones and gets around in a wheelchair.

“After her femur bones broke, she’s pretty much been non-ambulatory for the most part,” Ritley said. “She goes to physical therapy. We do water therapy. She’s gotten a little bit stronger and is able to move around more.”

Her new bedroom will offer her comfort and allow her to climb into the top bunk of her new bunk bed via carpeted steps instead of a ladder.

It also will allow her to play her favorite video game, “Halo,” on her Xbox gaming system, which will be built into her bedroom wall. The outer-space theme of the game will be woven into the back wall behind the bunk beds.

Hailey also likes to play “Crash Bandicoot.”

She will share her bedroom with 18-year-old sister, Amanda Keil, and their Yorkshire terrier, Harley. Amanda is a student at Cuyahoga Community College.

The entire project will cost about $7,000 for the materials, said Brianna Hansen, owner of the interior design company. The labor costs will be donated by Devin Hansen and his crew.

Suppliers have given the restoration company a discount on carpeting, lumber and paint, among other supplies, Brianna Hansen said.

The goal of the project is to make Hailey feel more independent.

“It’s amazing,” Hailey said.

The Hansens met with Hailey and wanted to know what her dream bedroom would look like.

“She sparked it, and we drew it up,” Devin Hansen said.

“She didn’t ask for much,” Brianna Hansen said. “We want to give her as much as we can.”

Brianna Hansen said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to present the dream bedroom to a child, young adult or a senior citizen.

“I wanted to do it for children,” she said. “That’s my sweet spot. I have four little girls.”

“This will be our first room giveaway ever. We’ll do at least once a year. We want to make it an annual thing.”

She ran a contest on Ora Designs’ Facebook page to select someone to receive the dream bedroom.

“The community nominated her and voted for her,” Brianna Hansen said. “She got about 500 likes (votes).”

Ritley said the gesture was “amazing.”

“The kindness and the giving, it’s overwhelming,” she said.

Devin Hansen, a 2009 Cloverleaf High School graduate, said he was going to Hailey’s home near Sturbridge Drive in Medina to take measurements Monday. He hopes to start on the 10-by-12-foot room in a couple weeks. He said it would take about three weeks to complete.

Devin Hansen said there are about 12 people who work at Hansen, as well as several subcontractors. He co-owns the company with his father, James.

“It’s two companies,” said Brianna Hansen, who was three years ahead of her husband at Cloverleaf but graduated from an online school. “I design and (Devin) builds.”

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