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Seniors get cars in order, chance to dance at luau

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    The entertainment for the Hawaiian Luau was Island Music by John and Kate. They played classic hits, music to dance to, and some island music that fit into the theme of Friday's lunch at the Office for Older Adults.


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    While the band was on break, they played dance hall hits such as the Macarena and the electric slide for those at the Office for Older Adults to dance to.


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    Officer Justin Smith with the Highway State Patrol helped Tracie Stehno of Medina get her car fit perfectly to her by checking and adjusting several settings such as her seat and mirrors.



AAA employees were set up Friday in the sunny parking lot of the auto agency’s Medina location to help seniors drive safely.

The employees passed out information while Trooper Justin Smith of the Ohio Highway Patrol helped make proper adjustments to vehicles during the AAA CarFit program.

“We make sure that the seniors are in their car correctly,” said Danielle Bird, sales manager at AAA.

“The mirrors are set up so they can see properly, they’re far enough or close enough to the steering wheel, all the lights work, they have good reflexes.”

AAA employees and Smith also adjusted headrests and checked if drivers can find certain controls such as their hazards, Bird said.

While the program was primarily for seniors, anybody could come and take advantage of the service. This was Medina’s first CarFit, which has been held numerous times at other branches.

The AAA event was not the only event targeting seniors Friday.

Just down the road, at the Medina County Office for Older Adults, 246 Northland Drive, there was a Hawaiian luau sponsored by Pearlview Rehab and Wellness Center.

The duo John and Kate sang and played tropical music to fit the luau theme as well as classics during the two-hour event in the gazebo.

Lee and Rick Orton and Louis Juncker took over the empty space in front of their table to dance to popular songs such as the “Macarena” and “Electric Boogie.”

The three, who frequent lunches and other Office for Older Adults events, agreed that the “Macarena” was their favorite to dance to.

The Ortons made it through three songs and smiled the entire time. They were excited that their dancing got more of the guests up and moving.

“Every year in August we have a luau. That’s just kind of traditional,” said Laura Toth, director of the Office of Older Adults.

Besides music and dancing, guests enjoyed barbecue chicken, sweet potato casserole, macaroni salad and cake.

“I know that we have had about 125 people,” Toth said. “It’s just a really popular event for us.”

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