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Boy's wish to help more on family farm comes true

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    Micah Ramunni, 14, sits in the driver's seat of his new golf cart from the Make-a-Wish Foundation at his family's farm in Sharon Township on Tuesday.


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    Micah Ramunni, 14, spies his new golf cart from the Make-a-Wish Foundation for the first time Tuesday at his farm in Sharon Township.



SHARON TWP. — Micah Ramunni thought he was just making a run to Starbucks with his dad, Joe — until they returned home Tuesday afternoon.

When they pulled into the driveway of the family farm on Fixler Road, a crowd of people and a shiny red golf cart were waiting for 14-year-old Micah.

When he saw the cart, Micah hurried over and did what his mom, Renee, described as his “happy dance.”

“Micah is an interesting kid. … We were really anxious to see what his response was going to be,” Renee said. “I could tell when Joe came in that he was all excited.”

The Make-a-Wish Foundation granted a special wish for Micah — the golf cart — so he could help his dad out more on the farm.

“He calls himself his dad’s right-hand man, and he looks forward to being able to carry the vegetables down to get washed, so that they can provide organic vegetables to their friends and family and their neighbors,” Christina Urycki of Make-a-Wish said.

Renee said Micah suffers from a seizure disorder that limits his ability to leave the farm.

“He has life-threatening seizures,” she said. “His seizures do not stop without our assistance, and so he has what is called a VNS (vagus nerve stimulation).”

Micah has described the VNS device as a “pacemaker for his brain,” she said.

Micah’s seizures, which in one case lasted for six hours, are triggered by fragrances or if he is under stress, Renee said.

“He has short-term memory loss,” she said. “What is important is function. Being functional and having a purpose.”

When doctors recommended Micah for a wish through the foundation, he asked for the golf cart, which will allow him to transport everything from vegetables to animal feed in the vehicle’s bed.

Urycki said Frank Cisterino of Lake Erie Golf Cars was able to help the foundation donate the golf cart to Micah.

“We are a distributor for E-Z-Go and we had the perfect car for somebody that wanted to work on the farm,” Cisterino said during the event. “As soon as I heard the story, I’m like I have the perfect car for him.”

Modifications to the cart included adding a windshield and seat belts, and capping its speed at 12 mph to make sure it is not only stylish, but safe for Micah to operate, Urycki said.

Joe said he and Micah discussed the wish for a cart while they were strategically away from the farm.

“When we pulled in, he goes ‘It’s a gator.’ He calls them a gator,” Joe said.

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