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Contractor hired to repair culvert in Wadsworth


WADSWORTH — The city has hired Kent’s Excavating Services Inc. of Seville to replace the damaged culvert that caused the city to close College Street between Trease and Leatherman roads last month.

“Instead of going through our formal bidding process to try to cut down on the time frame because of issues we had, we contacted five prequalified local contractors that could do this work and have worked with us in the past,” Public Services Director Robert Patrick said during the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting Tuesday night.

Ward 3 Councilman Lee Potts asked Patrick how the five contractors were prequalified.

Patrick replied they were qualified internally, have a good reputation and have worked with the city on past projects.

He said after meeting with all potential contractors at the culvert, they were allotted two weeks to submit a bid for the project and provide a construction timeframe.

“Unfortunately, we only received one quote and that was from Kent’s Excavating, the contractor that did the emergency repair out there,” he said.

Kent’s bid was $561,696.

Additional costs include a standard 10 percent contingency totaling $56,170, relocating existing waterlines, and a slope stabilization budget if it is needed.

“The quote was $561,696, the original budget was for $377,640,” Patrick said. “Quite an increase.”

The project’s total is not to exceed $717,866 per the contract.

Funding for the project will include $386,000 in grant funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission, $100,000 from the Medina County Engineer’s Office, $111,375 from the city’s street improvement fund and $75,000 from the city’s water fund.

Patrick said there are multiple reasons why the project is so costly, such as risk.

“A big one is the electric utilities both on the north and the south side of the road,” Patrick said.

Possible plans for bringing the roughly

102-foot-long culvert, which will be in eight sections, include using cranes to lift the pieces over the power lines, or using large excavators to move the pieces up the stream bed, Patrick said.

The replacement for the roughly 123-year-old stone culvert will cost $62,000 and initially was expected to be delivered from the vendor by early August but was delayed because of a lack of availability of steel, Patrick said.

“They weren’t able to have that ready to go until the end of August. We just received word that they are ready to go and deliver that,” he said.

Ward 1 Councilman Ralph Copley said residents are asking him when work is scheduled to begin on the project.

“That is a complaint that I am getting from people because they don’t see anything happening to fix it,” Copley said.

Patrick said the contractor is expected to begin work on the project next week.

The affected section of roadway near Holmesbrook Park was closed last April after heavy rains caused damage to the stone culvert underneath the road. One lane was reopened, but the entire road was closed again last month after additional damage was discovered in the surface of the roadway.

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