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Lights shine on median project's conclusion in Medina

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    City Engineer Patrick Patton flipped the switch and lit up Pearl Road. Street lights, which have been placed in the center medians, are now turned on and working.



MEDINA — North Court Street lit up on Monday night as City Engineer Patrick Patton flipped the switch to turn on the new street lights in the center medians that line the road.

Before the lights were powered up, Mayor Dennis Hanwell spoke on behalf of City Council to recognize officials who were behind the project. He also recognized businesses who were affected by the road work, which began November 2016.

“Well, really we wanted to recognize the businesses for their cooperation, we wanted to recognize the contractor at ODOT for all the work that they did,” said Hanwell. “It was to give them proper accolades.”

City officials have been the line of communication between local businesses and ODOT throughout the duration of this project, according to Hanwell.

“We had a number of meetings with the city and the business owners … if their were any conflicts with whether we’re gonna close a drive or whether we’re gonna move the drive to a different location … we will meet with the business and try to work with ODOT to resolve those as best we can,” said Hanwell.

Hanwell stressed the importance of making North Court a safer road.

“Well, the safety is that some of the entrances are right in and right turn out. We’ve closed some of the driveways that were too close to intersections so there (were) conflicts with someone leaving a red light and someone pulling out in front of them,” said Hanwell. “The center islands keep the traffic away from each other intentionally. Dedicated left turn lanes also help with that.”

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