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3 acres to be planted for conservation in Lafayette

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    Members of the Medina County Job and Family Services were presented a proclamation from commissioners for November being National Adoption Month. Job and Family Services Jessica Yeager, left; Mary Pantalone, third from left; Jeff Felton, third from right; Tricia Carchedi, second from right; and Sharon Holmes, right. Commissioners are Adam Friedrick, second from left; Bill Hutson, fourth from left; and Pat Geissman, fourth from right.



MEDINA — The Medina County Soil and Water Conservation District received permission from county commissioners Tuesday to plant a prairie in Lafayette Township.

The conservation district wants to plant grass and flowers in a 3-acre lot that wraps around its building, located at 6090 Wedgewood Road. Prairies are composed of plants that are seldom found in other habitats and are defined by unique soil characteristics, grasses and wildflowers.

“It’s a feel-good project,” said Linda Schneider, education coordinator for the conservation district.

A committee will soon form to decide the direction needed for funding. Schneider said she hopes to secure grant funding for the entire project.

Jim Spetz, natural resource manager for the Medina County Park District, said a similar project in Montville Township cost about $5,000. If signs are added, he said that would cost an additional fee.

Schneider said money will be saved since they won’t need to mow the three acres once the seeds are planted.

“The pollinators are in trouble,” Schneider said. “They are essential to our environment.

“When I say pollinators, I mean butterflies, humming birds, bees, beetles, bumblebees and flies. We want to give habitat to the little critters.”

She said pollinators need flowering plants.

“Everybody likes to eat,” Schneider said. “One out of every three bites of food you put into your mouth is there because of pollinators, everything from apples, cherries, peaches, squash and pumpkins. All they want are flowering plants.”

Scheider said prairies are being eliminated. Back in the 1800s, there were a million acres of prairie in Ohio. Now, there is less than 100 acres.

There are about 100 crops that are pollinated in the United States. It’s a $3 billion industry for agriculture.

“Those pollinators help our ecosystem,” Schneider said.

“Everything from a mole to a grizzly bear depends on pollinators. The fruits and seeds that they eat are there because of pollinators. In many places, we have lost our habitat for those animals. We have added pesticides and have introduced disease. The problem is they don’t have a home.”

By planting a prairie, it will provide a place for animals to live, eat and raise their young. The plants have a long root system, which help hold the soil in place and absorb storm water.

Schneider said she wants to connect a path from the nearby Medina County Home so the residents there can visit the prairie and enjoy the habitat conditions.

In other news:

  • The county is interested in selling a parking lot it owns on South Elmwood Avenue, across from NAPA Auto Parts.
    County administrator Scott Miller said it could be worth $30,000 to $40,000.
    “It’s a nice lot,” he said. “Lots are rare (in the city).”
    Miller said he’d reach out to the city of Medina to see if it’s interested in buying the lot.
  • The commissioners approved a three-year lease for the Medina County Clerk of Courts to open the Brunswick Auto Title Office, located at 1434 Town Center Blvd. The lease agreement runs from Nov. 1 through Oct. 31, 2021. The monthly fee for space will be $2,119.43.
  • The Liverpool Digester was granted an extension on its project, which will cost $35,913,784. The extension is from Dec. 3 to a substantial completion date of Jan. 21. The contract final completion date remains Dec. 2, 2019.
    The Medina County Sanitary Engineer entered into an agreement with Black and Veatch for the implementation of energy conservation measures at the Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Members of the Medina County Job and Family Services were on hand to receive a proclamation from commissioners for November being National Adoption Month. More than 15,800 children live in foster homes in Ohio.
    There are 73 children in foster care in Medina County, said Jeff Felton, director of Job and Family Services.
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