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Medina 7th graders shown how to save a life

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    Paula Midlik, health teacher at Claggett Middle School in Medina, performs CPR on a mannequin in class on Tuesday. Medina fire operations captain Steve Ingersol is standing next to her.


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    Steve Ingersol, operations captain with the Medina Fire Department, teaches a course on CPR on Tuesday to seventh-graders at Claggett Middle School in Medina.



MEDINA — Students at Claggett Middle School aren’t being certified in CPR, but that doesn’t mean they won’t possibly save someone’s life.

As part of health class, Tuesday seventh-graders learned about CPR techniques, airway restriction and how to use Automated External Defibrillators.

“It’s basic,” Medina Fire Department Operations Capt. Steve Ingersol said. “We want them to recognize a problem, get help and start the basics of CPR or choking.”

He said one student turned to him and asked, “Would they allow a 12-year-old to do this?”

Ingersol said he answered yes.

“If it can save a life,” he said.

Paula Midlik, health teacher at Claggett, said the students learned to adhere to the three Cs — checking the scene, calling for help and providing care.

She said some of the students were a little hesitant to practice on mannequins at first, but they soon warmed to the idea.

Midlik, of Chippewa Lake, said they wanted to show the students where the AEDs were located in the school.

She said about 145 students are taking the CPR class this year. It’s part of the curriculum. Once they get to the high school, she said the students can get certified in teaching CPR.

Much of Ingersol’s job is to teach.

“You name it, I train it,” he said.

He told the students that even if they aren’t ready to perform CPR or abdominal thrusts, they can still help in an emergency.

“No matter what you do, if they call for help, it’s positive for that person,” Ingersol said.

Midlik showed the students a brief film clip of “The Office” where the employees were learning CPR. That brought a laugh to many of the students.

While practicing chest compressions, the students pumped on the mannequins’ chests to the beat of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.”

Doing that for two minutes was quite a workout for some of the 12- and 13-year-olds.

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