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Club's cats compete in Medina

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    Carole Young of Columbus is pictured with her her 1-year-old blue point Siamese during the Buckeye Ohio Rollers cat show Sunday in Medina. Young said she has been breeding Siamese cats for more than 40 years.


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    The International Cat Association show judge Edith-Mary Smith looks over a British longhair during the Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat Club cat show Sunday at Medina County Community Center.


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    Cathy Claucherty of Michigan and her 7-month-old Turkish Van named Tessa competed in the Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat Club cat show Sunday at Medina County Community Center.



MEDINA — Felines of every kind and their owners took over Medina County Community Center for the final day of the Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat Club cat show Sunday.

“It is almost like a dog show, it is actually a beauty contest,” club member Laurie Woods said. “There is a show standard for every breed, there are 71 different breeds of cats in (The International Cat Association).”

Woods said that each cat is judged according to TICA standards, which are posted on the organization’s website.

“That is what the judges are looking for, the closest cat to that standard,” Woods said.

According to the TICA handbook, judging classifications include championship, household pets and new breed.

“There are points awarded for every part of the body almost,” Woods said.

Carole Young, of Columbus, was showing her 1-year-old blue point Siamese.

“He is one year old, he is a supreme, which is as high as you can go in this association,” Young said during the show. “I have been breeding Siamese for over 40 years and going to the shows the last 20.”

Young said she has attended cat shows as far away Texas, Florida, upper Wisconsin and Canada, and the competition is what keeps her coming back year after year.

Cathy Claucherty, of Michigan, said she enjoys the different people she is able to meet at the TICA shows because everyone there shares a common love of cats.

Claucherty was showing her 7-month-old Turkish Van named Tessa.

According to TICA, the Turkish Van is a semi-longhaired “ancient natural breed” thought to have originated in Eastern Turkey.

Woods said that while it was a slower than average weekend for the club, more than 100 felines participated in the show.

In addition to the show itself, retailers offering cat-themed products and services rounded out the day’s attractions.

Donna Nickerson, of Medina, was representing Helping Everyone’s Loving Pets of Medina along with Jessica Sergent and organization founder Tina Sergent.

“What we do is we provide food for lower-income families to help them keep their pets in the home,” Nickerson said. “

Nickerson said the nonprofit organization serves 422 clients and are providing food for nearly 1,300 pets that range from cats and dogs to guinea pigs.

“We do everything by donations. Whatever is donated in, we donate it back out,” Nickerson said.

Those in need of food assistance can call (216) 210-5378 for information about H.E.L.P or to set up an appointment.

The Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat Club is the first TICA-sanctioned cat club in Ohio, and serves the Great Lakes region of the worldwide organization.

TICA was founded in 1979 and serves as “the world’s largest genetic feline registry,” according to the organization.

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