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Wadsworth superintendent: Attendance wrong in report cards

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    Andrew Hill



WADSWORTH — Wadsworth Schools may have listed inaccurate attendance data on student report cards for the first quarter, said Superintendent Andrew Hill.


Andrew Hill


In a districtwide message to parents sent Wednesday, Hill said some partial day absences may not be accurately reflected on the reports.

“Last school year, Ohio Revised Code changed requirements for reporting student attendance from days absent to hours absent,” Hill wrote.

“While our district has implemented this change, our report card software provider has yet to convert days to hours, a situation out of our control.”

In an effort to eliminate the potential inaccuracy, starting with the second quarter/second trimester report card, Wadsworth will eliminate attendance from the report card, Hill said.

“The grades and report cards and attendance can all be found (online) in Progress Book,” Hill said Thursday.

“What is happening is, with the change to hours and how we have to code things, that system hasn’t caught up on how to record that accurately.”

Hill said the resulting inaccuracies are causing some confusion within the district.

The district is still able to send the data accurately to the Ohio Department of Education. The only problem is how the data is reflected on the report cards.

Hill said Progress Book, which is an online and mobile service that allows parents to connect with teachers, monitor grades in real time and receive reports about their students, is aware of the situation.

The district has not received a timeframe on when the software will be updated and in the interim parents can view general attendance information through Progress Book.

“A parent can actually go into Progress Book and into a separate area from where the report card is and they can see a general breakdown of their student’s attendance history,” Hill said.

“I call it a general breakdown because it doesn’t show hours or anything like that. … It basically is showing, I think, full or partial day absences.”

This issue will not change the way the district deals with transient students or those who are chronically absent.

“Our district will continue to send notification letters to parent/guardian(s), as required by Ohio Revised Code and Wadsworth City School District Board of Education policy, if a student has missed the set number of hours defined in law and policy,” Hill said in the email.

State law looks at student attendance in three ways: habitual truancy, excessive absences and chronic absenteeism.

  • Habitual truancy: absent for 30 or more consecutive hours, 42 or more hours in one school month, or 72 or more hours in one school year;
  • Excessive absences: 38 hours absent in one month with or without a legitimate excuse or 65 hours in one school year with or without legitimate excuse;
  • Chronic absenteeism: absent for 10 percent of the hours in one school year with or without legitimate excuse.

The state requires 455 hours for students in half-day kindergarten, 910 hours for students in full-day kindergarten through sixth and 1,001 hours for students in grades seventh through 12.

Hill said Wadsworth made the decision to transition to electronic report cards earlier this year.

“As we look at efficiency and money, it makes sense when the majority of our parents are regularly online getting other forms of communications that we give them access to their child’s report card the same way,” Hill previously said.

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