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Repairs begin on water leak on Center Road in Brunswick


BRUNSWICK — The Cleveland Water Department is finally repairing a water main leak on Center Road.

The leak was discovered a month ago, but the fix has not been a straightforward one. The utility department and city took an approach that was a little more time consuming in order to help local businesses.

“They needed a major fix and that major fix was going to require shutting water off to a lot of businesses for a minimum of four days,” said Paul Barnett, Brunswick’s director of public service. “But, it could’ve been up to two weeks. So, they covered it back up and started to figure out how they could do it without shutting the water off to these businesses.”

The solution was a bypass.

Work on the bypass was completed last week, said Barnett. But, before local businesses and residents could use the water in the bypass, the water coming out of it had to undergo a week’s worth of testing to make sure it was coming out clean.

On Monday, it was determined that the water from the bypass was safe, so Cleveland Water began repairing the leak right away and the city got ready to use the bypass.

As of right now, it is estimated that work to repair the leak will take about two weeks.

The cost of this project is about $130,000, according to Barnett. Part of this cost, paid by Brunswick, will cover valves that are being added to the piping.

“In doing this repair … they are going to install some valving and that valving will make it so, if there is another water main break, they can just turn a valve and not have to worry about putting a bypass in,” said Barnett. “That’s one of the reasons why it costs so much.”

According to City Manager Carl DeForest, all but one westbound lane on Center Road will be closed during the work to accommodate construction.

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