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Locker room procedure sought for Cloverleaf's female football players

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    Superintendent Daryl Kubilus, third from left, presents Cloverleaf Board of Education members with a draft procedure regarding locker room procedure for female football players at the high school during a regular meeting Monday evening.



WESTFIELD TWP. — Cloverleaf Schools Superintendent Daryl Kubilus presented a draft proposal Monday night to board members regarding locker room procedures for female football players at the high school.

Kubilus said Monday evening that during a December board meeting a visitor raised concerns about the lack of formal procedures.

“At that point in time, I told you that we would develop a procedure in collaboration with our athletic director, Mr. (Craig) Walkup,” Kubilus said.

Kubilus said Walkup reached out to other school districts in the area to see if they had a procedure that specifically addressed locker room use and female football players.

“Sure enough, he did find a few schools that had some procedures, albeit not quite what I think this board envisioned for us to do,” Kubilus said.

Kubilus said Cloverleaf had one female football player last season, and at least one is anticipated to play.

“We were very careful to say that it is female players, plural, we are not going to single out any particular student,” he said.

Kubilus said the district worked to try and “articulate a procedure that would be useful and functional” and also be reviewed yearly.

After a few revisions, the district came up with a procedure that would address home games and practices, as well as conditioning and away games.

Kubilus said away games would require the district’s athletic department to reach out to other schools to ensure appropriate locker room facilities are available for female players.

The procedure will be overseen by one of seven assistant football coaches, Kubilus said.

Board member Bill Schmock asked if the procedure would become district policy.

Kubilus said that having a formal procedure provides the district with more flexibility to make any necessary changes, while changes to a policy would require going through “policy review” and two board readings before being modified.

Board President Jeff Schreiber said he wants to ensure that no student feels that they are being a burden regarding the procedure, which would be signed by Walkup, the coach and the student.

Schreiber said he believes in having a procedure that deals with female athletes participating in a typically male dominated sport as the issue arises for the specific sport.

“I think it is right to do this for each sport because the facilities for every sport are a little bit different and each sport is a little bit different,” Schreiber said.

“If you tried to come up with a procedure that covered all the different sports, I think that would be almost impossible,” he added.

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