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Proposal calls for 48-spot expansion at Art Wright Memorial Stadium

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    Wadsworths Art Wright Stadium hosted the inaugural Mosaic Easter Egg Drop last weekend. Prizes included an electric guitar and free music lessons, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, smart TVs and restaurant gift cards.


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    Wadsworth's Art Wright Stadium hosted the first annual Mosaic Easter Egg Drop last weekend. Prizes included an electric guitar and free music lessons, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, smart TVs and restaurant gift cards.



WADWORTH — Wadsworth Schools Superintendent Andrew Hill presented board members with a plan Monday to expand parking at Art Wright Memorial Stadium.

Hill told board members that Lewis Land Professionals of Wadsworth had completed plans for the property, 274 Grandview Ave., which the district acquired and demolished last year for more parking.

“What would be ideal tonight, if we could get to a point where we are comfortable with the drawing, so whatever changes need to be made, the Lewis Land Professionals can do and then they can start the process with the city’s planning commission,” Hill said during a board meeting.

Hill said there will be an estimated 48 additional parking spaces for visitors to the stadium as a result of the new construction.

“I think those of us that have reviewed this felt like we were pleasantly surprised how many they were able to fit into that space and allow us to keep that storage facility there as well,” he said.

Hill said the civil engineering and surveying company was tasked with essentially three objectives.

“The first was to figure out a way to maximize the space to add parking,” Hill said. “The second was to figure out if there was a way that we could add a sidewalk that would connect Grandview to the paved area where people can enter Art Wright Stadium.”

Hill said this would eliminate the need for visitors to walk down the middle of Park Drive to get into the south side of the stadium.

The third was to consider the possibility of adding an additional turning lane to alleviate traffic congestion during events at the stadium. Hill said that due to limited space, the additional turning lane would only be able to accommodate three vehicles at a time, and would cost as estimated $100,000 to complete.

It was determined not to proceed with the additional turning lane.

Regarding the installation of a sidewalk, Hill said the sidewalk would go down Grandview and connect past a utility area on the property.

(Lewis Land Professionals) had asked the width, we are kind of playing with not a lot of space there, they told us the standard is 4 feet (wide),” Hill said.

After receiving a draft of the plans, Hill said he spoke with city Safety Director Matt Hiscock regarding the required width of a new sidewalk.

“Matt told me that the city is now looking for things that are 5 feet and not 4,” Hill said. “They are at least preferring five over four.”

Hill said that adjusting the sidewalk width to 5 feet would be one of his recommended changes to the draft.

Two different paving methods and their estimated expenses were presented to the district, Hill said.

The first being asphalt, with an estimated cost of $99,000. Another option would be to go with a crushed aggregate with an estimated cost of $57,400.

“The preferable option would be to have it asphalt,” Hill said.

Board member Gary McComas said he agreed that the area should be paved in asphalt.

Board President Linda Kramer said she also agrees that the area should be paved. Kramer said her home has a stone driveway, and the stone must be replaced from time to time.

Hill said additional fencing in the same style of what is currently at the stadium will also be needed for the project.

Assuming that everything goes as plan including submission of final draft plans to the city’s Planning Commission, Hill said the project has a target completion date of Aug. 1, just in time for the fall sports season.

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