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Storm safety urged by connecting to warning systems

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    This tornado siren is at Fire Station No. 2 in Brunswick.



BRUNSWICK HILLS TWP. — Spring brings warmer weather, but it also tends to bring severe weather to the area.

However, if proper measures are taken and residents are informed, they can help to keep themselves safe, local safety officials said Tuesday

First, when it comes to interpreting announcements and messages about weather, it is important to understand the difference between a severe weather watch and a warning.

“If it’s a severe thunderstorm watch or a tornado watch, it means that the conditions are such that a severe thunderstorm or tornado are possible, the key word being possible,” said Brunswick Hills Fire Chief Anthony Strazzo.

“On the opposite end, the warning, either a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning, means that that condition is occurring. So, it means that there is a severe thunderstorm or that there is a tornado which has been spotted or detected via radar.”

Brunswick Hills and the city of Brunswick issue warnings via their code red messaging system or the tornado sirens.

“Those are based on one of two things: Either reports from the National Weather Service or actual observations from fire or police officials,” Strazzo said.

If a police officer were to see a tornado, for example, they could contact dispatch and have tornado sirens turned on.

To sign up for code red messaging, visit www.brunswick.oh.us. Residents can use a home phone or a cell phone number to sign up.

“In addition to observing whatever warnings or watches are posted, we always recommend that people are prepared with having some extra food, water, medicine, flashlights, things like that,” Strazzo said.

According to Strazzo, the safest place to be in cases of severe weather is in the basement. If a residence does not have a basement, it is safest to be in a room closest to the center of the home that has no windows or glass.

Typically, this would be somewhere like a bathroom or closet.

To find out more about how to be prepared for severe weather and emergencies, visit the Medina County Office of Emergency Management website at www.medinacountyema.org.

Contact reporter Alyssa Alfano at (330) 721-4063 or aalfano@medina-gazette.com.

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