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Brunswick gets $200,000 grant from Ohio EPA to help new curbside recycling program


BRUNSWICK — An anticipated grant that helped shave down the cost of the city’s new curbside recycling program was awarded Tuesday.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said in a release that it is awarding more than $4 million this year in grant funding to 66 local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations to help establish and implement recycling, litter prevention, recycling market development and scrap tire recycling programs.

Brunswick received a total of $200,000 for its new curbside program.

“We assumed we would get it,” the city’s Service Director Paul Barnett said Monday. “We accounted for this when setting up the budget for trash and recycling as a way to cuts costs for residents.

“What this is going to pay for is the carts for curbside recycling.”

Council passed a resolution in February allowing the city to enter into a five-year, $211,000 contract with Republic Services Inc. for the new recycling services.

Republic currently takes care of trash within the city — a job it’s done for more than nine years — and, come July 1 it will continue to do the same while providing recycling services as well.

The additional service will come with an increase to residents.

Residents currently pay around $52 per quarter. With the addition of curbside recycling, the cost will increase to around $61 per quarter.

The change also will mean residents will get two new 64-gallon cans, one for trash and another for recyclable waste.

Council unanimously voted to make the switch, which brings about automated trash collection to the city and moves away from traditional manually hauling, despite some reservations that surfaced late last year.

Residents will be required to sort recyclables from trash and place the items into separate carts for collection at homes.

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