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Brunswick to explain recycling program that will be part of trash service


BRUNSWICK — Brunswick will begin providing curbside recycling in a few weeks when Republic Services begins a new contract to provide trash and recycling services to residents.

City officials will hold a public meeting 2-3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Brunswick Recreation Center, 3637 Center Road, to discuss the services provided.

“We’re just going to explain all the details of how the setup is going to happen, how to use the carts, what to put in them, what not to put in them, what they can put out next to the carts,” Service Director Paul Barnett said Thursday. “Basically, the new rules and regulations.”

Curbside recycling is a new service for the city. There are bins located throughout Brunswick for residents to drop off recycling, but this will be the first time Brunswick residents can just leave their recyclables on the curb in front of their homes.

With the switch, residents will receive two 96-gallon bins, one for trash and one for recycling.

“We have specific things that we want you to recycle and specific things that we do not want you to recycle,” Barnett said. “If you buy it at a grocery store, you can recycle it.”

These items include metal cans, plastic milk and laundry detergent jugs, plastic, paper and glass. However, items such as automotive parts, wood waste and lumber will not be recycled.

“Most people think that their recyclables are being pulled out of the trash at the Medina County Transfer Facility. It used to be done that way,” Barnett said.

It is no longer done this way and hasn’t been for several years which is the reason why many communities in the county have started providing curbside recycling.

Republic will begin dropping off the bins June 24 and will take several weeks to reach all customers. By July 1, residents will begin using the new bins.

The city continued using Republic as their hauler because they were the lowest bidder. On July 1, the cost will increase from a monthly cost of $17.41 to $19.30.

Barnett said they city has received a lot of questions and feedback related to trash lately and the meeting will aim to answer many of those questions.

“We get a lot of feedback that we don’t want to change, that we want to do things the same way we’ve always done them,” Barnett said. “We are getting feedback from people that they don’t want to recycle and then we are getting feedback from people that are upset because we’ve waited so long to do this.”

He said that, while there are no opt-out options when it comes to using the trash collection services, the recycling services are optional.

“You do not have to recycle. We encourage you to recycle, but you do not have to,” Barnett said.

In addition to the new curbside recycling services in Brunswick, Barnett said he also has fielded calls about why certain areas within the city and within Brunswick Hills may have had recent issues with trash collection. Those concerns also will be addressed, if raised, during Saturday’s meeting.

“Republic and almost all haulers in this area had this problem in the last week and a half,” Barnett said. “Last Monday was a holiday, there was no trash pickup on that date so everyone’s trash last week was delayed one day. Instead of the contractor picking up seven days of trash, they were picking up eight days.”

However, the extra day of trash is not the reason why Republic and others have fallen behind. It has to do with the large amount of excess trash Republic found after Memorial Day.

“They anticipate an increase in weight when that happens but what they didn’t anticipate is that they saw an increase of almost 30 percent above normal for that week,” said Barnett. “Historically, the amount of trash after a holiday only goes up by a few percent.”

The warm weather leading up to Memorial Day may have caused the large increase, Barnett said as the first long burst of warm weather brought people out to do yard work.

Companies are just starting to catch up, he said.

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