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Rockin' the Court (and Broadway)

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    The Wooves rock South Broadway Street on Saturday during the sixth annual Rockin’ the Court.


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    Attendees sit on chairs and blankets to watch Rockin' the Court on South Broadway on Saturday.


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    Cook'in Country perform at Rockin' the Court in Medina on Saturday.


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    Jessika and Bennett Petersen perform Saturday during Rockin' the Court. Jessika is a member of a new nonprofit, SustainED, that is working on environmental issues.


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    Adam Grom of Medina plays with his neighbor, 8-month-old Maylee Blower, as they listedn to the Wolfe Creeque Band on Saturday during Rockin' the Court. Maylee's dad, Elijah Blower, sings and plays guitar in the band, and Grom's son, Ben Grom, plays drums for them.



MEDINA — Carla and Rob Gerber attended the annual Rockin’ the Court on Saturday, when bands and solo musicians performed on porches, front yards and driveways in the city’s historic district for the third straight year.

The Gerbers, of Medina, were among hundreds who walked up and down South Court and South Broadway streets, just south of Lafayette Road, to take in 10 musical acts playing simultaneously.

“It’s a super cool vibe,” Carla Gerber said of the event. “It makes Medina a little smaller — we’re like a family. And the homeowners are so incredibly kind.”

“And you couldn’t ask for a better day,” Rob Gerber added.

The South Court Historic Neighborhood Association, which promotes the preservation of historic homes in the South Court area, organized Rockin’ the Court, which also included food by Zydeco Bistro Mobile Restaurant and Courthouse Pizzeria in Medina. Other vendors sold kettle corn, lemonade and wine.

SustainED, a new Medina nonprofit working on environmental issues such as reducing the use of plastic bags, also set up a tent at Rockin’ the Court.

Annual neighborhood concerts have become established across the United States. In Chicago, an organization called Front Porch Concerts schedules performances in several neighborhoods in June, July, August and September. Iowa City hosted its fifth annual Front Porch Music Festival on Saturday, the same day as Rockin’ the Court.

Closer to home, the annual Larchmere PorchFest, with “30 bands on 30 porches,” is planned for next Saturday in Cleveland, just northwest of Shaker Square.

In previous years, Rockin’ the Court was on South Court only. This year, South Broadway was included to celebrate a successful effort to preserve the brick section of that street.

At-large Councilman Bill Lamb, a member of the South Court association and a South Court resident, said he and Ward 3 Councilman Eric Heffinger, who lives on South Broadway, worked for months to have South Broadway redone in brick. He said it’s one of only two brick roads left in Medina. The other is on North Elmwood Avenue.

“Since the effort was a success, we thought we would spread out Rockin’ the Court this year,” Lamb said. “Eric and I split the duties. He got the bands and vendors for South Broadway and I did the same for South Court.”

Lamb said work to restore the deteriorated brick section of South Broadway, which was originally built in 1918, will start later this week. The total estimated cost is $1 million.

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