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MEDINA COUNTY FAIR: Poultry clucks, crows, waddles in competition

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Olivia Scarbrough, 10, of Medina, led her chicken, Snowy, through the poultry agility course. She was one of several to compete. ALYSSA ALFANO / GAZETTE


MEDINA — A lot of clucking and crowing came from the back of barn No. 35 as many kids and their younger siblings gathered around for the 4-H duck race, poultry agility and the rooster crow competitions.

There was a square pen set up in the back with metal rails down the middle; judges sat on one side and the competitors were on the other. During the duck race, several participants had to chase their ducks back from the judges’ side where they were attracted to a giant puddle.

The competitors started at one yellow pole, guiding their duck to a second yellow pole about 10 feet away and then getting them to turn around and cross back over the first pole.

The winner of the duck race was Collin Wright, 15, of Medina, and his turkey, Scarlet.

During the agility contest, the animals had to walk under a bar, through a tunnel and then under a second bar. Many participants had to chase their birds around the course several times to hit all the obstacles and cross the finish line.

At least eight kids participated in the agility course and several of the younger ones got to take a second try if they struggled with their bird.

The winner of the duck race was Medina resident Naomi Clice, 11, and her rooster, Marshmallow.

The final event, the rooster crow, was more popular among the older 4-H members and fairgoers. Six 4-H members participated in this event.

The goal of this event was to see which rooster crowed the most in two minutes. Charlie Hollan, 11, of Medina and his rooster won with seven crows in two minutes. Most of the other participants got three or fewer.

Christa Scarbrough, a helper of the Poultry Committee and a mom of 4-H kids, said that the event was open to kids of all ages and that participants did not have to be a 4-H member.

“I think it was just something that they saw online and tried on a whim,” Scarbrough said of the agility competition, which is in its third year.

While no outside animals were allowed in, many of the younger kids involved had older siblings who had chickens or ducks in the barn that they used for the competition.

“The kids love it, it’s a fun thing to end the fair with,” Scarbrough said.

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