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Anonymous letter to Medina clinic opposes anti-hate message

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    A photograph of the unsigned letter received by Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center owner Thomas Flood was posted to the businesses Facebook page Sunday.


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    A “hate has no home here” sign is displayed in the front window of Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center in Medina Township on Tuesday afternoon.


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    Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center in Medina Township opened last July and offers a variety of services similar to a “minute clinic,” owner Thomas Flood said Tuesday.



MEDINA TWP. — Thomas Flood, a licensed nurse practitioner and owner of Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center said he was shocked to receive an anonymous letter in the mail last Friday.

“I went over and picked up the mail and saw a letter without any return address on it and opened it and didn’t feel good,” Flood said Monday evening.

The letter was written in opposition to a sign posted in the window of the business at 2781 Medina Road that reads, “hate has no home here” and is repeated in multiple languages at the bottom of the sign.

Flood said there was no signature on the letter, which read in part, “I am a coach in Medina and this letter is representing quite a few coaches as well as the response of the athletes’ parents. We had discussed physicals and wellness for many of our athletes but due to your political sign in your front window, many of the parents have advised us not to send our athletes to you.”

The letter went on to ask how anyone that has taken the Hippocratic oath impose their political beliefs.

The letter concludes with the line, “this will cost you in the community.”

Flood took to Facebook on Sunday to share his thoughts, as well as photographs of the sign in question and the letter he received.

“My wife is a minority, we have mixed kids, but I just didn’t think something like that would happen here,” Flood said. “I really didn’t.

Flood said his family has lived in Medina for the last five years, and opened up his clinic last July. The sign has been in the clinic’s front window since its opening.

“I am really just here trying to scratch out an existence and trying to help people,” Flood said. “I did 15 to 20 physicals over the summer and got really good response on them and when I opened that letter and read it I just felt really hurt.”

After discussing the incident with his cousin, Flood said he decided to contact the Medina Township police to file a report regarding the incident.

“I assume the threat is financial but at the end of the day I don’t know,” Flood said. “(The police) took it down, it didn’t rise to the level of a criminal offense, but it is noted.”

According to, the sign originated with residents of Chicago’s North Park neighborhood, which is known for its “diversity of age, race, nationality and ethnicity.”

The sign’s slogan was created by a third-grade student attending elementary school in the neighborhood. Flood said he had never thought of the sign as being political in nature.

“No, absolutely not,” Flood said. “I wouldn’t have put it up if I thought it could be misconstrued that way.

“To me that message is pretty simple,” he added.

Flood said the message he wants to convey to patients is one of acceptance and inclusivity.

“When you are treating people in medicine people share things with you that they might not share with their friends or family,” Flood said. “If they perceive any bias or anything else directed toward them they are not going to feel comfortable.”

Flood said it is important to him that everyone who walks through the doors of his clinic understand that they will be accepted and welcomed.

A copy of the Medina Township police report was not available Tuesday.

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