Clinic owner: Public voices support after anonymous letter

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    A “hate has no home here” sign is displayed in the front window of Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center in Medina Township on Tuesday afternoon.


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    A photograph of the unsigned letter received by Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center owner Thomas Flood was posted to the businesses Facebook page Sunday.



MEDINA TWP. — Days after receiving an unsigned letter at his business, Thomas Flood said he is receiving significant support from the community.

“Our Facebook page has had like 11,000 engagements, almost all of its positive,” Flood, a licensed nurse practitioner and owner of Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center, said Wednesday.

“There have been some trolls, but I expect that.”

The letter, which Flood received Friday, opposes a sign posted in the window of the 2781 Medina Road business that reads “hate has no home here” and is repeated in multiple languages at the bottom of the sign.

The anonymous writer claimed to be a coach in Medina.

Medina Township police Chief David Arbogast said Wednesday that he does not believe a similar incident has happened before in Medina Township.

“No, nothing like this,” Arbogast said. “Those signs are all over the community.”

“It is not like he has the only one,” Arbogast added.

Arbogast said that his involvement with the incident is not over.

“It is something we don’t deal with, so I want to make sure we do it right and protect his interests,” Arbogast said. “I want to run it by the prosecutor’s office, it may qualify for a hate crime type thing but quite frankly, I’m not sure.”

Flood said Arbogast contacted him Wednesday morning and assured him that he would be bringing the incident to the attention of the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office.

An initial story published by The Gazette has received more than 12,000 online views by Wednesday afternoon and more than 180 comments regarding the anonymous letter.

Flood said he has also received attention from other local news outlets that are interested in telling his story.

While he greatly appreciates the positive comments and well wishes from community members, he hopes it will translate to some business, Flood said.

There was no signature on the letter, which read in part, “I am a coach in Medina and this letter is representing quite a few coaches as well as the response of the athletes’ parents. We had discussed physicals and wellness for many of our athletes but due to your political sign in your front window, many of the parents have advised us not to send our athletes to you.”

The letter went on to ask how anyone that has taken the Hippocratic oath impose their political beliefs.

The letter concludes with the line, “This will cost you in the community.”

Arbogast said he would advise any individual or business that receives a letter such as the one Flood received to contact the police.

“You never know in today’s world what it really means, and the implication of who was writing it, too, is sort of disturbing in my mind at least,” he said.

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