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Medina Council asked for land release for cluster homes


MEDINA — A local developer has asked the city to “detach” a little more than 8 acres to Lafayette Township to make way for the construction of as many as 30 cluster homes.

Local attorney Stanley D. Sheetz is representing Greenhaven Development Co. President John Demund in the proceedings.

Sheetz, of Medina, said the 8.2903-acre lot has been vacant for almost 50 years. It is zoned industrial.

The reason Greenhaven wants to detach from the city is because the lot is landlocked.

Sheetz filed a petition with the Medina County commissioners Nov. 6 for the transaction. A review hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 5, at the Medina County Administration Building.

The land is owned by Greenhaven, and is located south of the Sealy Mattress Manufacturing Co., 1070 Lake Road, Medina, and abuts the township.

Under Ohio Revised Code, this type of detachment is allowed only if it is approved by Council.

Sheetz said at the Medina Finance Committee meeting Monday that there is county water and sewer available on the land.

“There is no debt on the land,” he said.

Greenhaven hopes to build 26 to 30 cluster homes that will sell for between $175,000 and $200,000 each.

Council President John Coyne said the city has been involved in several annexations into Medina, but he said he’s never been involved in a detachment.

The downside for the city to allow the detachment would be the loss of any future income tax for a company developing the area. On the other hand, nothing has been developed on the lot for half a century and it could remain vacant.

One concern Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell said he has with the project is that there would be residential housing next to industrial land. Sealy Mattress is currently there, he said, which doesn’t make much noise at its factory.

If Sealy ever moved, another business could move into that location that could bother nearby residents.

“This could open up additional complaints,” he said.

The houses would be about 300 feet away from Sealy, Sheetz said. In addition, there are plans to donate 1 acre to the Medina County Park District as well as build a mound of dirt to cut down on noise.

“This land has sat dormant for 50 years,” he said. “We want to finish this development.”

Coyne asked Council to visit the area in the next week and be ready to vote at its next meeting Monday, Jan. 28.

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