Twiisted Burgers and Sushi takes over Eat'n Park


MEDINA –– Twiisted Burgers and Sushi will soon be in the business of serving the morning crowd as it takes over the breakfast shift in light of Eat’n Park’s plans to shutter its Medina location.

Beginning on Feb, 18, Twiisted will be opening at 7 a.m. every morning to serve breakfast.

“I frequent Eat’n Park in the morning for breakfast before we go into the restaurant,” said Chris Pappas, owner of Twiisted. “So me and my kitchen manager and some of my staff, we have breakfast there often and to be honest with you, I wanted to open last spring for lunch and we just weren’t able to do so.”

However, now that Eat’n Park plans to close and staff there grew concerned about future jobs, Pappas said the decision was made to give lunch and breakfast a shot.

“After talking with some of the staff and stuff over there. … Some of them were concerned they wouldn’t be able to get jobs,” Pappas said Monday. “I said ‘Well, we are planning for opening for lunch. I guess if you guys are willing to help me out … I’d be willing to open for breakfast.’”

Five Eat’n Park restaurants, including one at 1007 N. Court St, will close around Northeast Ohio next month. The Homestead, Pennsylvania-based company is closing its Eat’n Park locations to focus on its Hello Bistro salad-and-burger concept.

The Medina location, which opened in June 1996, is set to close Sunday, Feb. 17. Twiisted will start its breakfast service the next day.

There are reportedly more than 50 employees in Medina.

In a Facebook post made early Monday, Pappas said many Eat’n Park workers are joining his team.

“We are excited about the expansion of our services as we have already welcomed over a dozen Eat’n Park staff members, many who have been dedicated to serving Medina for over 20 years, to join our diverse and professional family,” he said.

“Thirteen staff members have already been hired and after completing their time with our neighboring restaurant, will report to duty to Twiisted the very next day. Interviews are still ongoing, and we anticipate the addition of five to seven more team members before the start of our new service hours.”

In addition to recruiting Eat’n Park staff to help out once the restaurant is closed, Pappas said he also hopes to draw in Eat’n Park regulars and other community members by creating a menu with some Eat’n Park favorites, some Twiisted brunch items and a few new options while keeping the price range similar to that of Eat’n Park.

Pappas is still planning and finalizing the menu, He did mention that gluten-free biscuits and gravy and gluten-free pancakes will make an appearance. He said he is sure that they are just as delicious as regular versions of the dish.

One third of the menu will be served over the next three weekends with the first third being served this weekend and the final being Feb. 16 and Feb. 17. The new menu items will be served between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“That will give us a little bit of time to kind of work the kinks out on our end,” said Pappas.

The love one resident has for the city’s local Eat’n Park has led a woman named Lindsay Millhorn to start an online petition on to save the family-friendly restaurant.

So far, more than 600 people have signed the petition.

“I have come to the Medina location for over 10 years with my family and friends,” Millhorn wrote.

“We are all regulars and know the waiters and waitresses like lifelong friends. We have gotten nothing short of incredible food and service.

“So many memories have been made at these restaurants and it is heartbreaking to see them close. Hopefully, this petition can make a change.”

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