Cold weather tips for seniors


The Medina County Office for Older Adults’ Laura Toth said seniors should be mindful of cold weather safety tips as below zero temperatures hit the area.

“Some of the things that we try and tell seniors is, when it gets this cold they really want to keep an eye on their homes and make sure that first of all, they stay indoors,” Toth said Tuesday.

National Institute on Aging suggest seniors set home thermostats to at least 68 to 70 degrees, place a rolled towel on the floor in front of doors to keep out drafts and dress warm in layers with extra socks and blankets to avoid hypothermia.

Toth said her office works to keep senior citizens in the county prepared and knowledgeable about what to do when the weather turns frigid.

“I would recommend for everyone to have warming supplies like blankets, and things like that, also having canned food on an emergency shelf, a battery-operated flashlight and things of that nature,” she said.

Toth also advised keeping a list of emergency contacts on hand just in case.

Toth said the Office for Older Adults also encourages individuals with elderly neighbors or family members to give them a call or simply knock on their door to make sure they are holding up during the cold temperatures.

“I think some people may be reluctant or a little worried about, ‘what will my neighbor think,’ but everybody that we have talked to is really appreciative in knowing that somebody cares about them and is checking up on them,” she said.

Toth said the Medina County Office For Older Adults will be open during its regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. today and Thursday and will be able to direct seniors in the event they need assistance.

“We would certainly direct them, but if it is any type of emergency, they can certainly call their local police department or sheriff’s office to point them in the right direction,” Toth said.

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