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Students and teachers excel together

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2019 Top Scholar and Inspiration Award winners

Brunswick High School
  • Felicia Pasadyn and her teacher Joseph Neff
Buckeye High School
  • Alexa Mier and her mom and Buckeye employee Tanya Mier
Cloverleaf High School
  • Grace Winrod and her teacher Andrew Winter
Highland High School
  • Christopher Sollenberger and his teacher Audrey Hinneberg
Medina High School
  • Claire Schmeller and her teacher Kent Moyer
Medina County Career Center
  • Melissa Farthing and her teacher Frank Wiewandt
Wadsworth High School
  • Michael Edwards and his teacher Bryce Weber
Black River High School
  • Benjamin Miller and his teacher Clayton Van Doren


MEDINA — Brunswick High School’s Felicia Pasadyn said Thursday that she was honored to be among the small group of Medina County seniors credited by the Educational Service Center of Medina County as being top scholars.

“They really are brilliant-minded individuals. It just feels amazing to be a part of this,” she said. “They treat us so well here, and I’m thankful the Medina Country Career Center was able to put this on for us.”

Pasadyn more than earned the award, high school Principal Keith Merrill said in his nomination of the future graduate.

Merrill wrote that Pasadyn was chosen for several reasons, including the fact that she pushed herself to take the most demanding classes that the high school offered.

In turn, Pasadyn choose that night to honor someone as well. AP calculus teacher Joseph Neff, a recipient of this year’s Inspiration Award, because his energy made it impossible to be bored in his class.

The annual event held at the career center is not just an opportunity for each district to laud one senior with the Top Scholar Award, but also a time for each of the honored students to praise one teacher for inspiring them along the way with the Inspiration Award.

“It’s definitely an honor,” Medina High School student Claire Schmeller said.

“I think I’ve worked hard in my career and so it is good students at other schools are doing similar things.”

Principal Jeff Harrison wrote in his nomination of Schmeller that she distinguished herself in the areas of academics, music and leadership through activities such as SHUDDLE, symphony orchestra and the debate team.

Schmeller nominated Kent Moyer, a seventh-grade science teacher and middle school track coach with the Inspiration Award.

“It just means so much to me,” he said. “It really validates what I do day to day and it inspires me to keep doing it.”

At the end of the program, ESC of Medina County Superintendent William Koran said he had a few wise words to share with the teachers in the audience.

“Teachers and school employees are honest people,” he said. “You don’t like to flash high credentials or awards. But if you went to a doctor, went to a lawyer, went to an accountant and they have won some type of award, especially one as prestigious as the one given to you by your clients who are your students, (you would see it) …

“Please take this award and put it in your classroom so that when the next generation of students walk into your room, they see that you are someone special and that some student before them felt that they needed to go out of their way to recognize you for excellence.”

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