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Dinosaur Trail may move from Brunswick park

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BRUNSWICK — The Dinosaur Trail is a small but interesting treasure located in Brunswick Lake Park, but the trail may soon move to a new location as the city and the Medina County Park District work to revamp the area.

An ad hoc committee, supervised by Ward 2 Councilman Nick Hanek and other officials, has met several times in recent months to discuss the park and came to several conclusions.

“One was to remove the Dinosaur Trail because people didn’t believe it belonged there and that it was a hazard and was slippery and things of that nature,” said City Manager Carl DeForest.

“(We) took their information and tried to come up with a generalized plan over the next five to 10 years based on their input.”

Nathan Eppink, park district director, said Thursday that a suggestion has been made to move the trail to Brunswick’s largest community park.

“The city has offered to help us remove it from Brunswick Lake Park and instead place it at North Park,” he said. “So it’s not like it will be removed and destroyed. We intend to work with the city and move it to a different location.”

Eppink said city officials like Hanek and DeForest along with Parks and Recreation Director John Piepsny have worked closely with him to come up with a proposed plan for the trail.

During Monday’s meeting several people spoke out in favor of keeping the trail in some capacity including Glenn Kuban who was involved in the design of the trail.

“The Dinosaur Trail is a uniquely educational attraction showcasing over 130 prehistoric track impressions representing more types of dinosaurs, localities, and ages then any other park or museum in the world,” Kuban said. “That’s true as far as I know.”

Kuban said comments concerning maintenance, neglect and even tripping hazards were not well-founded.

“The tracks require virtually no maintenance … and most are relatively shallow and easy to navigate,” he said.

Eppink said other measures to improve Brunswick Lake are under consideration such as reducing mowing to help naturalize the area, planting trees and creating more ways to connect to the water, possibly adding a place for kayaks to kick off and fishing.

“The other element that we’ve identified as one that should be moved is the dinosaur exhibit,” Eppink said. “It’s kinda in the vicinity of a restroom that we intend to replace there on the east side of the lake and it’s a short walk to nowhere.”

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